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Microdosing off the Track and the Tools to Make It Work

Making sure that you know your body is essential to training as a runner. Some people are just born to be runners. They do not even need to work that hard as a runner. Their bodies are just built for that and they have a really natural ability to simply run. Therefore, when training these types of people, you need to use that ability. Stimulate them more than just running on the track. Be creative in their running movements. Key Takeaways: Many people are born runners who just can run for as long as they are told to do so…. read more

The Best Speed Workshop I Have Attended in the Last 10 Years—Or Maybe Ever

There are a ton of different ways to try to improve your speed. First and foremost, you need to decide what it is that you are trying to improve the most. Are you trying to get more explosive and quick? Or do you want to be someone that, once you open up stride, no one can catch you? With that last part, you need to be honest with yourself and do a quick assessment of your body before training. Key Takeaways: For the people that are looking to get fast, focus on your own body over anyone else’s. No matter… read more

Modern Pillars of Strength, Assessment, and Training with Dr. Matt Jordan

If you are looking to attain a certain level of strength, or speed, you must prepare for your training in a really specific way. The bottom line is that it is hard to get that much faster in your life. Most of us are born genetically with the muscles that make us fast or slow. As a result, these things cannot be altered too much but they can be tweaked a bit. The first step is to get assessed. Key Takeaways: Coach, Matt Jordan possesses a Master of Science in Exercise and Neuromuscular Physiology, and a PhD in Medical Science… read more

Why ‘Reactive Agility’ Is Important for Athletes—And How You Can Train It

Athletes are improving all over the world. The amount of technology and equipment that is now readily available for athletes of all different sports is better than it has ever been. As a result, people are more athletic, more explosive, and definitely more powerful. This means that, if you want to be an athlete, you need to have a good athletic base to compete with these other athletes. Being agile is one of the most important things. Key Takeaways: Being able to be agile as an athlete is so unbelievably important for many reasons. If you want to be able… read more

Rotational Sport Performance and Resiliency with Mark Kovacs, PhD

Sport performance comes down to a lot of things. Some people credit it to mental performance and mental stability. They believe that mentality is so important to maintaining a high level of athletic prowess. Doctors are constantly looking at new ways in which they can improve the performance of their athletes. Also, you want to build a certain level of resiliency within your athlete so that they are able to perform well even when they are not at their best. Key Takeaways: Everyone that is an athlete has a little bit different attributes for their particular sport. One of the… read more

Why Your Ankle Mobility Sucks (And Why You Should Fix it ASAP)

Having good ankle mobility is really important for anyone that does physical activity. You need to be able to support the constant movement and duress that you are putting on your joints. If you do not work on your mobility, your ankles can lock up and it can be rather difficult for you to loosen them up. That is why a lot of people have bad ankle mobility as they get older. They start to feel pain in the ankles. Key Takeaways: One of the most important joints within the body is your ankle for many reasons. Maintaining a certain… read more

The Importance of Deceleration and Landing Mechanics

There is massive importance for people who are athletes to know about deceleration and the landing mechanics of when you are jumping or running. These are things that come natural to some people. However, for others, it is hard to wrap their heads around these ideas. It is important to know how to land correctly. This will set you up to take off and be more springy in your movements. In turn, you may be faster during your actual sprints. Key Takeaways: Every single people that plays a sport wants to become a little bit more athletic over time. Understanding… read more

Creating a Program for the Multi-Sport Athlete

In the United States, there are so many multi-sport athletes out there. When you are in high school, it is very common to see a bunch of people who are trying to play multiple sports. They feel as if they are good at a few sports, they enjoy it, and they want to play it as much as possible. With that being said, it is hard for these young athletes to choose which sport they will stick with. Key Takeaways: The people that are able to play a bunch of different sports at one time should be admired. In the… read more

6 Ways to Save Youth Sports from Ruining Kids

Youth sports should be fun and a way for kids to socialize. If you are looking for something more when kids are that young, you should go and find something else for them to do. You do not want to have try hard kids ruining the experience for everyone else that is partaking in the sport. Sports are fun and a great way for people to band together over something. Now, this idea must be upheld for kids. Key Takeaways: Sometimes it is good for kids to stop competing in sports and just play games for fun. Kids need access… read more

Training For Speed and Power with Limited Space and/or Equipment

If you are someone that is looking to get faster overnight, understand that it does not work like that. It is very hard to change your body to a point where you are going to be noticeably faster. This is even for people that are training on an everyday basis to get there. It is not easy and it should be known. If you are looking to get faster with little equipment, do low weights and max reps. Key Takeaways: It is hard to get that much faster by just training on your running form or strength. To be able… read more

These Exercises Can Help Protect Female Soccer Players Avoid ACL Injuries

ACL injuries, or an injury of the anterior cruciate ligament, is an injury that affects female soccer players far more often than male soccer players. In fact, female competitors experience these injuries at 2.8 times more frequently. However, strength training, particularly training that builds the muscles that stabilize the knee area can help prevent such injuries. Ideally, the exercises used should work in different planes of motion, because soccer is a game that requires shifting to different planes of motion. Some exercises that can prove beneficial include, The Eccentric Single-Leg Romanian Dead Lift, The Lateral Lunge, Lateral Bounding, The Set-Up… read more

Lacrosse Speed Training Secrets

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in all of America at the moment. It is something that many young kids are getting into and high school programs across the country are adding it to their sporting portfolio. As a result, lacrosse teams are even popping up in colleges. Now, people can scholarships and money for school through their specific lacrosse career. To make sure you get these opportunities, you want to make sure you’re as fast as possible. Key Takeaways: If you are fast within your own sport, you automatically have a big advantage for yourself. Speed is… read more

Why Great Baseball Players Are Built in the Fall

There are so many things that go into making a baseball player great. Being a good baseball players has to do a lot with paying attention to the details. If you are someone who is analytical in their approach to life while playing baseball, chances are that you will be quite good. You need to put in a lot of time and practice in the off-season, just like any sport, to be able to achieve great things in the spring. Key Takeaways: In-season activity takes a giant toll on ball-players hips and shoulders, what with throwing and the endless number… read more

3 Surefire Methods for Increasing Your Shooting Percentage

Basketball is one of the most popular sports in the world. It has some transcendent athletes and it is something that brings a lot of people together. Also, basketball is one of the sports that you can improve on the most if you practice a lot. There are other sports out there that are not so easy to train and get better if you are not naturally good. However, if you shoot and practice a lot, you will get better in basketball. Key Takeaways: By focusing on practicing your all-net shots, you can fine-tune your shot accuracy. Many people neglect… read more

7 Simple Drills for Building Better Soccer Foot Skills

If you are looking to improve your soccer skills, you should know that there are a bunch of ways in which you can do that. In fact, there are some people that do not have a weak foot in soccer because they trained on it so much. Now, one of the best drills that you can do is to simply pass the ball against a flat wall and receive it. Do this back and forth and you will see improvements. Key Takeaways: Research shows that skill, not speed or strength, is the best predictor for in-game success with soccer players…. read more

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