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Isometric Training for Speed

Bruce Lee amazing speed and power
Bruce Lee – Fastest and Quickest Athlete Ever?

Bruce Lee “Pound-for-pound one of the fastest and quickest athletes the world has ever seen …..”     We received a couple of testimonials  regarding Bruce Lee and the martial arts. One was from Jaacob Bowden, a professional golfer with an event record of a 421 yard drive. Jaacob wrote, “The martial artist Bruce Lee is known for being pound-for-pound one of the fastest and quickest athletes the world has ever seen. Through my research, I found out that isometrics were a big part of his training regimen.   As I was looking for ways to increase my own golf swing… read more

Isometrics and speed training
3 Reasons Isometrics is Ideal for Sports Speed

3 Reasons Why Isometrics, The Way We Teach It, Is Ideal For Speed Training! The training does not mix endurance or strength training with speed training, so it can focus soley on the factors that make it a pure speed training program.  First, what is meant by muscle contraction speed? Use the biceps muscle in your arm for an example.  When your arm is stretched out straight, your biceps muscle is stretched.  Now move your fist towards your shoulder.  What has happened?  Your biceps muscle contracts thus moving your fist toward your shoulder.   Obviously, the faster your muscle contracts, the faster… read more

Isometric training exercise with resistance band
What is Isometric Training?

In order to explain what isometric training is, let’s start with the word “Isometric“, first.  This word, ISOMETRIC, is defined as follows: “Iso” means equal or the same, and “metric” means length.  Combining these two definitions we get “equal or the same length”. Isometrics, as it pertains to muscle training, involves tensing muscles against other muscles or against an immovable object while the length of the muscle remains unchanged. For isometric training to be effective, this muscular tension must be maintained over a certain period of time.  Therefore, isometric training is best defined as follows:  The sustained contraction of a… read more

what are isometrics good for
Isometric Training Re-Invented For Speed Training

This is not the isometric training program your parents were taught Today’s isometric training is much more than just helping you get past a sticking point with your bench press. Whenever you ask someone if they include a form of isometric training in their workout, you rarely find anyone who makes time for it. And, if you are lucky enough to find someone who does apply this strategy, you usually will hear them say that they only use it to help them get past a sticking point in their bench press but not much else. The Bench Press Sticking Point… read more

fast twitch muscle fibers
How to Condition Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

Speed Training from AthleticQuickness.com ….. What is the Speed Training Secret to Condition Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers for Quick and Powerful Contractions? Targeting Your Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers Properly Is Key To Speed and Quickness The key to the effectiveness of these programs is their ability to isolate and strengthen very quickly and easily the specific muscle groups and the fast twitch muscle fiber types that are responsible for quick and powerful reactions. The AthleticQuickness exercise programs are ‘pure’ speed training programs, because unlike others, these programs do not mix endurance training with speed training.  They have one objective only, and that is to condition your… read more

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