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How International Basketball Star Took Game to New Levels


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International Pro Athlete Takes his Game to Never Before Seen Levels of Performance.

Uses the AthleticQuickness.com Speed Training and is Shocked to Discover How Much He Had Left!

Within the last year I have traveled around the world from San Luis Potosi Mexico to Adana, Mersin, Tarsus, and Instanbul Turkey furthering my career as a professional basketball player.The hard work I put in had given me a great deal of athleticism, but I wanted to find a way to become not just a great athlete, but a FREAKISH ATHLETE!

Sets Goal of 44 inch Vertical and Speed Increase

I set a goal for myself that I wanted to gain a 44 inch vertical and increase my speed.

I began searching the internet for ways to increase my performance with the understanding that it would HAVE to be something legit because since I was already a good athlete, it would be harder for me to see gains than it would be for the untrained or inexperienced.

I found Dr. Van Such’s work on youtube and immediately began to use those workouts while also researching his philosophy top to bottom around the internet.

Even as a Top Athlete, Important Muscles were Underdeveloped

Though I train with all the things that most train with for Vertical Jump and Speed and though I had a pretty good idea of it all, I was shocked at how quickly I got results from just doing this program for 2 weeks and how I, an experienced top level athlete, had ignored these important muscles.


Randy Booker – International Professional – Uses AQ Speed Training for Basketball Skills

I am very resourceful and I am extreme researcher because I want to be the best…but I had never seen or been taught this before.

After this, I reached out and contacted him to learn more about his speed training and to see how and if he could further help me in my goals, excited because of the fast results it gave me! He and I talked, I learned, and then proceeded to do the full program for 2 months.

Speed is now Faster and Jump is Higher

My speed has gotten faster and when jumping I get my head closer to the rim now then ever before – and with less effort!

Also, the elevation on my jumpshot is noticeably higher, and even my walking posture has gotten better.

And this past week, my friend who works out with me got the closest to dunking he has ever been!

Always Turns Down Endorsements if They Don’t Work

As someone who is skeptical, I even told him that if this does continue to work and SINCERELY helps me reach my goals, that I would tell everyone I could about it. If you know me from my youtube channel, you know that I am a man of integrity. I have been approached with different endorsements within this past year but have not accepted them because if they don’t REALLY work or do what they claim, I DO NOT want my name behind it!

“But This Works”

Don’t believe me? Skeptical? Ok, do the workouts and test your speed both before and after. The results WILL speak for themselves!

Many professional athletes that I’ve played with and against all talk about my speed, athleticism, and quickness and ask what they need to do to improve their speed after seeing mine.

Then when I tell them how simple it is and how quick they can get results, they are skeptical and refuse to try it…thinking it’s a gimmick. One person did take a chance on it, and to their surprise, increased their speed within 2 weeks.

Taking New Found Athleticsm and Speed Around the World

As I get ready for next season playing professionally overseas, I am excited to take my new found athleticism and speed around the world.

Dr. Larry Van Such has truly helped my basketball career!

– Randy Booker
International Professional Basketball Player




The Program He Used to Improve at the Pro Level



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