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No amount of jumping exercises, workouts at the gym or mental visualizations will maximize your jumping ability if you are not including these jump higher exercises in your training routine!
Is your workout program missing these essential yet always ignored vertical jump exercises?

Even if you are already the highest jumper around, there is still plenty of untapped speed in your muscles that can increase your vertical while developing more explosive leaps. Yes, I said muscle speed – not muscle strength – and that’s what many athletes are not considering when it comes to jumping higher.

We have all seen how outstanding players separate themselves from the rest with their ability to jump higher and take control of the game.

Now you can:

  • Make Slam Dunks Easy
  • Block Shots You Couldn’t Stop Before
  • Clear the Boards More Often
  • Make Winning Moves

Without great leaping ability, you won’t score nearly as often, your defense will be weak, your team may be losing games, and you may be sitting on the bench.

There are all kinds of jumping exercises and specialists out there that will give you all of the advice you could imagine and make all the promises you would want to hear about how to jump higher.

Even if you used every jumping exercise program out there, there would still be untapped energy in your muscles waiting to be unleashed, unless you have used the isometric exercises I am about to tell you about.

You can increase your vertical jump – and it will be easier than you ever thought possible

You are about to learn how to unleash that often ignored muscle energy and jump higher than ever before – in just a matter of days – by doing some simple three-minute exercises.

I am going to introduce you to some revolutionary isometric exercises that will condition the specific fast-twitch fibers in your muscles that are responsible for generating explosive speed – so you will now jump higher and sprint faster like never before.

These exercises have already proven to achieve new levels of muscle speed and quickness for thousands of athletes and will absolutely improve your game while helping you dominate the court, if that is your goal.

You will have the ultimate advantage that very few others even know about – no matter what your current age or fitness level.

The secret is knowing how to…

Make Your Muscles, Tendons, and Nervous System Faster… So You Will Jump Higher.

Your muscles are made of different fiber types. That’s what makes them capable of both strength (the ability to move against heavy resistance) and speed (the ability to contract quickly).

In order to maximize your jumping ability so that you can jump higher, you will need your muscles to be both strong and fast, and that means conditioning your fast-twitch muscle fibers for speed.

Your ability to jump higher will depend as much on the contraction speed of your muscles as well as how strong they are. The contraction speed is how fast your leg muscles contract when jumping, that is, how fast your legs are set in motion. Like a stretched elastic band that contracts instantly when released, fast muscles will instantly catapult you to new heights.

The faster your muscles contract the more explosive your leap and the higher you will get off the ground – it’s a simple as that.

Yes, you need to be strong enough to get your body off the ground. But any improvements in jumping height after that will largely depend on the speed your muscles generate. And that boils down to how fast your muscles contract.

The honor of being the highest leaper goes to those with the fastest muscles.


Order Jump Higher Program with bands
Order Jump Higher Program

Proper training for pure muscle speed is often ignored

For the most part, training for pure muscle speed is being ignored. Though athletes may think they may be training for speed, they are often disappointed in their results because their training program is really a strength program, not an isometric workout routine.

The Jump Higher exercise program I am about to show you will help you increase your vertical leap by conditioning your muscles, tendons, and nervous system for speed and quickness in ways that will be new and powerful. Even if you are already a top performer, you still have weaknesses that can be eliminated and strengthened.

And, unlike other types of training, these isometric exercises:

  • Will be quick and easy to do,
  • Take just a few minutes a day,
  • Can be done just about anywhere ,
  • And you will start seeing results in a matter of days, not weeks or months as in other types of training you have already been doing.

Muscle Speed determines performance level

When you understand what makes muscles faster and why it works and how to properly apply it to specific muscles, you will have discovered the secret to achieving the level of performance that you are actually capable of.

By ordering this home exercise program and doing the isometric exercises as described you will have the tools you need to jump higher and farther than you have experienced before.

This isometric training program shows you exactly how to condition the correct muscles and the specific fast-twitch muscle fibers that are critical to muscle speed, meaning more rebounds, more scoring, more blocked shots, and faster speed down the court.

International Pro Takes Game to New Levels of Performance

Randy Booker – International Professional – AQ Speed Training for Basketball Skills

Hi, My name is Randy Booker.

Within the last year I have traveled around the world from San Luis Potosi Mexico to Adana, Mersin, Tarsus, and Instanbul Turkey furthering my career as a professional basketball player.

The hard work I put in had given me a great deal of athleticism, but I wanted to find a way to become not just a great athlete, but a FREAKISH ATHLETE!

I set a goal for myself that I wanted to gain a 44 inch vertical and increase my speed.

I began searching the internet for ways to increase my performance with the understanding that it would HAVE to be something legit because since I was already a good athlete, it would be harder for me to see gains than it would be for the untrained or inexperienced.

I found Dr. Van Such’s work on youtube and immediately began to use those workouts while also researching his philosophy top to bottom around the internet.

Though I train with all the things that most train with for Vertical Jump and Speed and though I had a pretty good idea of it all, I was shocked at how quickly I got results from just doing this program for 2 weeks and how I, an experienced top level athlete, had ignored these important muscles.

I am very resourceful and I am extreme researcher because I want to be the best…but I had never seen or been taught this before.

After this, I reached out and contacted Dr. Van Such learn more about his speed training and to see how and if he could further help me in my goals, excited because of the fast results it gave me! He and I talked, I learned, and then proceeded to continue with the full program for 2 months.

My speed has gotten faster and when jumping I get my head closer to the rim now then ever before – and with less effort!

Also, the elevation on my jump shot is noticeably higher, and even my walking posture has gotten better.

If you know me from my youtube channel, you know that I am a man of integrity. I have been approached with different endorsements within this past year but have not accepted them because if they don’t REALLY work or do what they claim, I DO NOT want my name behind it!

But This Works!

Many professional athletes that I’ve played with and against all talk about my speed, athleticism, and quickness and ask what they need to do to improve their speed after seeing mine.

Then when I tell them how simple it is and how quick they can get results, they are skeptical and refuse to try it…thinking it’s a gimmick. One person did take a chance on it, and to their surprise, increased their speed within 2 weeks.

As I get ready for next season playing professionally overseas, I am excited to take my new found athleticism and speed around the world.

Dr. Larry Van Such has truly helped my basketball career!

Randy Booker
International Professional Basketball Player

Adds 5 Inches to Vertical Jump

“I just recently purchased a complete series of bands ranging from red to gold.

I’m using them with the Jump Higher program and I’m having excellent results. I’ve added 5 inches to my standing vertical jump.”

Terrill W. – Laurel, MD

This Jump Higher Training program will give you greater jumping ability in all of the following activities, even if you are already a great jumper:
  • Two-foot standing vertical leap
  • One-foot running vertical leap
  • The running broad jump or long jump
  • The high jump in track
  • The hurdles in track
  • Faster sprint speed in any sport

We have only just started introducing our revolutionary home exercise program to you, and you might have already read many claims about its effectiveness. However, you may be wondering:

Is This All A Bunch Of Hype?

We understand why you may be asking this question. If we had not seen our past customers shatter through plateaus and read so many reports of others’ newfound success, we would be having the same thoughts as you!

Let me put your worries to rest and tell you exactly what this home exercise program is about, and how it will help you jump higher, just how it has for thousands of previous customers. Even if this is the first time you have ever heard of isometric exercises, you can benefit significantly from our isometric training program.

Proof that this works great for all levels of athletes

When you have the opportunity, consider reading the countless testimonials of past customers who have dramatically improved their sports performance, increased their vertical, and improved their running speed by taking advantage of our speed training exercises. You will see that many of them have been playing and training for years and are already all star performers while others are just getting started. However, the outcome is the same throughout every level of competition!

If you are interested, read about how Dr. Van Such came across this speed training strategy and has now been teaching athletes how to get faster and perform better in all their sports skills for more than 10 years. You can find links to all of these stories at the bottom of this page!

So, What is the best strategy for getting faster muscle speed to jump higher and farther?

The best way we have found to condition muscles for speed is with a speed training program using resistance bands with an isometric contraction.

That’s right, resistance bands with isometrics. You may know that isometric workouts have been around for many years, and dramatic results have been achieved using this technique, but because of the many new training methods that have been introduced over the past several years, isometric training has been mostly ignored.

Resistance bands have also become more popular recently; however they are typically used for strength training as a replacement for weights and cables.

Using isometric contractions with a resistance band is the ideal combination to develop blazing speed and quickness in your muscles while also being able to jump higher.

Performed the way we teach them, these exercises will condition the specific muscle fibers in your muscles that enable you to jump higher and achieve a higher vertical with greater explosive speed and power.

Fast-Twitch muscle fibers are often ignored

Muscles are composed of two essential fiber types. The first muscle fiber is primarily for strength and the ability to move against heavy resistance, and endurance, the ability to perform repetitions without tiring. The second type of muscle fiber is used primarily for speed, that is, fast muscle contractions.

The bottom line, and what people have yet to understand, is that you cannot condition your muscles for speed using the same techniques and workouts you use to train for strength. You may think you are making your muscles faster with consistent strength training, but your muscles always know the difference.

This is why athletes are often disappointed when relying on strength training to run faster and jump higher.

You see, most modern workout routines are not equipped to train your fast-twitch muscles fibers for explosive speed. That’s because strength and endurance training will cause fast-twitch fibers to ignore their natural ability to contract instantly and cause them to behave more like slow-twitch fibers.

This is one of the main reasons why you actually get slower after rigorous workouts using weights and repetitions.

In fact, once you start to condition fast-twitch muscle fibers using our isometric training program, you will likely discover that up until now, your fast-twitch fibers have been incredibly underdeveloped.

This remarkable home exercise program is designed to do just one thing and one thing only, target and condition your fast twitch fibers using isometric workouts to run faster and jump higher.

This is not a fitness routine that teaches jumping techniques; it is not about plyometrics or strength training, or cardio workouts.

We are providing you with the tools to make your muscles react faster – for quicker and stronger leaps and more speed.

We are not saying that weights, plyometrics, and technique are not important factors for jumping higher and running faster. We believe that all-around conditioning, including strength, endurance, agility and coordination as well as speed are important to an athlete’s success. Various types of speed and strength training strategies are needed to fully develop all aspects of athletic performance.

What most athletes have not yet discovered is that isometrics with resistance bands, the way we teach it, will easily outperform weights and plyometrics when it comes to developing muscle speed, leading to an increased vertical and improved running speed.

This type of isometric training will result in you being able to jump higher and farther no matter what other types of training you have already been doing.

Incredible results in athletic performance have been realized when muscles are properly conditioned the way that we teach for speed.

The many stories of dramatic increases in jumping ability and sprint speed we receive from athletes and recreational players alike confirm that when isometrics with the resistance band is included in an athletes training program, they immediately begin to see improvements in their athletic performance, running speed, and jumping ability.

You will not find a quicker, simpler and more effective way to maximize your jumping ability and improve your game.

We all know that there are all kinds of basketball drills, practice equipment, training programs and theories about how to run faster and jump higher. And that’s fine, of course, because proper technique, conditioning and practice are crucial to becoming a winner as well as a top competitor.

What they are ignoring, however, is the unique muscle conditioning that takes place when training using isometric contractions with a resistance band.

This conditioning of fast-twitch muscles can not be obtained with plyometrics, cardio workouts, weights, or any other training strategy. Isometrics is one of the three types of muscle contractions your muscles perform, and, when included in your training program with a resistance band, it will give your muscles a comprehensive conditioning that will dramatically add to your athletic performance while improving your running speed.

Muscle speed and quickness are the two most important muscle properties that isometrics with resistance bands improve most.

Using our home exercise program, all of your muscles used in jumping and sprinting will be conditioned for speed and explosiveness. This includes the various muscles in your hip extensors, quadriceps, calf muscles, hip flexors and hamstrings.

The program also includes exercises that will give you greater stability for takeoff and landing, giving you even additional jumping power and faster acceleration.

Fast-Twitch Muscle Fibers Are Often Ignored for Speed

The secret to more explosive power found in this remarkable isometric exercise program is that it specifically conditions the fast-twitch muscle fibers to do two things.

  1. Condition your muscles to contract with amazing speed and quickness; and
  2. Develop ‘muscle memory’ in your neuro pathways so your reactions are quick and instinctive.

And, it does this in a safe, simple, and easy-to-follow routine that anyone can do, practically anywhere and anytime in just a few minutes a day, without any special equipment.

Because fast twitch muscle fibers respond to conditioning much faster and easier than strength – or slow-twitch – fibers, you will feel lighter and faster and start experiencing results in just a few days.

Works for all age groups and fitness levels

The exercises can be done simply, safely and effectively at your convenience, practically anywhere and anytime.

And, because the resistance level applied by the bands is determined by your overall strength, these exercises can be practiced successfully and safely by practically anyone, of any age, and any fitness level.

Whether youth, high school, college, beginner, intermediate or advanced, male or female – it does not matter what your age or experience level, you will be jumping higher in days.

Just follow the extensive home exercise program as detailed in the Jump Higher Exercise Manual, using the resistance bands supplied with the manual, and you will significantly improve your game by jumping higher and running faster.

Training for pure speed is not strenuous, time consuming or intensive like strength or endurance training.

Speed training, the way we teach it, takes only a few minutes a day and should leave you feeling stronger, yet light and responsive, not tired, slow, or sluggish which you might experience during strength or plyometrics training.

Even if you are currently in mid-season, you will start seeing results in your game within days.

Everything You Need to Jump Higher

Jump Higher Program


The Jump Higher Speed Training Program
Developed by Dr. Larry Van Such

Have the program delivered to your mailing address:

  • The Jump Higher speed training exercise manual – Complete with:
    • Training Instructions
    • Training Schedules
    • Muscle Diagrams
    • Training Tips
    • Progress Charts
    • photos clearly showing how to do each of the 10 exercises to quicken and strengthen all the muscles needed for explosive leaps.
  • 2 Resistance Bands (1 light [red], and 1 heavy [blue]).
    We have selected the bands which we believe are the most effective for increasing speed in your muscles.
  • Our Letter of Introduction and other special resource materials.
  • The CD is an optional companion to the Speed Training Manual.
    The CD contains 11 videos. 10 of the videos demonstrate exactly how to perform each of the 10 exercises in the Jump Higher Training Manual. An additional video shows when and how to add additional resistance.
    Includes the handy Quick Reference Wall Chart.Note: This is not a DVD and will not play in Apple Devices: More Details Here

Or purchase the Online/Downloadable Program for Immediate Access

  • Immediately after placing your order you get complete access to popular Jump Higher Training Program.
  • instructional videos showing how to properly do each exercise
  • Progress charts, training schedules and helpful training tips.
  • Come back to the online training area as often as you like and as long as you like.
  • Read, download, save or print all the training material to your computer.
  • Download the exercise instructional videos right to your computer or watch them online.
  • Bands are not included in the online version. If you need bands you should be able to get them at your local walmart or sporting goods store or they can be purchased separately from us with free shipping.

More details about the ordering options are available on the Order Page.

Order your program now. You will not find this athletic training program in any store.

Even if you have been training hard for some time you still have untapped leaping ability which will be released when your muscles are conditioned purely for speed for the first time.


100% Money Back Guarantee

That’s how confident we are about this program. If you do the exercises as prescribed you can’t help but get faster.

Full Customer Support

If you have any questions our support staff is here to answer them. We respond to all questions and inquiries. Use the contact page on this site or email us anytime if you have any questions.


Athletes need a variety of training techniques to reach their full athletic potential

Athletes need training for strength, endurance, coordination, proper technique, skill development, and speed.

The AthleticQuickness.com speed training program should be included as a necessary part of every players training program for the purpose of increasing speed.

By adding these speed workouts to their training the athlete’s muscles will get a more thorough and complete workout than what they have ever experienced in the past. The net result will be dramatic increases in speed and better performance.

Why this program makes a huge difference:
  • The dynamically changing resistance levels of the band during isometric training conditions muscles, tendons and the nervous system in ways they have never experienced before and in ways that can not be attained using other training methods.
  • Many large and important muscles are under trained at every level, even at the professional level. This program targets, strengthens and quickens those under muscles from multiple angles so the muscles and the nervous system become more completely conditioned for speed, perhaps for the first time.

This is why athletes and players using this training see dramatic results very quickly, even if they have already been doing other types of training for some time.

You Get Full Customer Support

If you have any questions our support staff is here to answer them. We respond to all questions and inquiries. Use the contact page on this site or email us anytime if you have any questions.

What will happen if you procrastinate or do nothing? That’s right, you will still be under performing your potential… When you could be beating your personal bests in both jumping and sprinting in just 2 weeks.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be out jumping and out sprinting your friends, teammates and opponents both on and off the basketball court.

Order this program now to absolutely get more out of your game by developing a fast twitch muscle response, perhaps for the first time, for:

  • More explosive leaps.
  • More blocked shots.
  • More rebounds.
  • More scoring.
  • Beat out your opponent on offense and defense.
  • And get noticed by coaches, scouts, … and cheerleaders.


“I’m About Two Weeks From Grabbing the Rim!”

I have purchased the jump higher training guide, to help me in both basketball, football, and track. I play point/shooting guard in basketball, and I play wide receiver in football so speed, quickness, agilty, and vertical are all important in those three sports.

I back this product 100%. I’ve tried lifting, jumping rope, and doing cone and ladder drills to get faster, but I did NOT gain much speed.

I found this speed training program while looking online for ways to get faster with a friend who has also gotten a lot faster, as well.

I am now one of the fastest players on my team and continuing to get faster. I can make moves on the basketball court that I couldn’t before and I’m about two weeks of training away from grabbing the rim. VERY exciting for me!

I would like to thank you for coming up with these training techniques and allowing me to unlock my full athletic potential.”

Jal P. – Salt Lake City, UT

Has Highest Vertical Jump in Freshman Class

“I love this program so much. I am a freshman in high school. Up until today I couldn’t grab the rim. I could touch it, but not snap it. Now, 2 days after using the program I have the highest vertical on my whole freshman and JV team. I can easily grab the rim just standing underneath it.

This is the best program in the whole world. All my friends are now wanting to order the program also. I hope that after using this program for a while, I will be able to dunk it. Maybe even by the end of the season. Thanks a ton Doc Larry Van Such!”

Jeremy J. – Declo, Idaho

Cheerleader Sees Noticeable Improvement in Jumps!
Dad Moves Like He’s Back in High School!

“Just a comment on how this program is working. In short, incredible. I bought this program because it is unique. Every other advertisement I read talked about: Plyometrics, strength etc. My 15 year old daughter has been doing the exercises for 5 days. Last night she said she wanted to try to touch the ceiling, she hadn’t been able to do this before. Flat footed she jumped and touched the ceiling with ease.

I told her to try it again and this time to touch with her palm. She was shocked to be able to do this so easily. My daughter is a cheerleader and there is a noticeable improvement in her jumps, her toe touches etc. are much higher and explosive.

I am a 41 year old guy and I have also been doing the exercises. My legs feel ‘springy’ and light. I’ve been a gym rat for most of my life and I’ve never seen a program like this. Thanks for a great program.

“I like to run sprints to keep in shape. Over the years I have had about 5 knee operations between both knees due to Rodeo injuries. Lately I’ve been sprinting 70 yards. My personal record this year as a worn out 41 year old guy was 9.91 seconds. Last night after 6 days on the jump higher program I ran a 9.12 and it felt effortless. Weird is more like it.

It was like I was transported back to my senior year of high school with fresh legs and speed. My top end speed after 20 or so yards was outrageous. I’m guessing my first 10 took 2 seconds. The old knees take a second to wake up! The new time came all after the first 20. Unbelievable.”

B. Martin – Roberts, Idaho

Don’t wait any longer – Its time for you to make your move!

Jump Higher Program with Bands

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