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Fast Twitch Fibers

Become a better athlete
How To Become a Faster and Better Player in Days – Not Weeks or Months

How to get faster muscle speed and quickly improve your athletic performance in all sports! Having fast muscles is not the same as having strong muscles and you can not get faster contracting muscles by training for strength using traditional weight training routines – in fact that could actually make you slower. For speed, fast […]

Train for speed and strength separately
Why You Must Train for Speed and Strength Separately

You Need Both Speed and Strength  and Why They Must Be Trained Separately You can not train for speed the same way you train for strength,  and you must understand the difference – because your muscles will know the difference ….. In other words, if you think you are training for speed, and your muscles […]

Isometric training and fast twitch muscle fibers
How to Train Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

Use Isometric Training for Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers Isometric Exercises Using the Resistance BandThe Little Known SECRET for Speeding Past Your Competition The word ISOMETRIC is defined as follows: “Iso” means equal or the same, and “metric” means length.  Combining these two definitions we get “equal or the same length.” Isometrics, as it pertains to […]

fast twitch muscle fibers
How to Condition Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers

Speed Training from AthleticQuickness.com ….. What is the Speed Training Secret to Condition Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers for Quick and Powerful Contractions?   Targeting Your Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers Properly Is Key To Speed and Quickness The key to the effectiveness of these programs is their ability to isolate and strengthen very quickly and easily the specific muscle […]

Leg muscles help sprint speed
How Can Leg Muscles be Trained So You Sprint Faster?

How to run faster and react quicker by training the primary muscle fibers involved in running speed. AthleticQuickness.com brings you the Run Faster Speed Training Program developed by Dr. Larry Van Such How to run faster than ever before in just days Isometric training using variable resistance elastic exercise bands is the technique you will […]


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