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Soccer Speed Training – For Faster Running Speed and Greater Kicking Power!

When it comes to soccer, speed is crucial.

In soccer, being able to run faster and kick harder will give you the performance edge that often makes the difference between winning and losing.

Skill development is always important, but in soccer, speed and kicking power cannot be ignored.

The most common soccer drills and exercises that you are familiar with will help develop your skills, and give you more endurance, but they will not give you the muscle speed needed for greater speed and quickness.

For faster running speed, quicker lateral movement and to kick farther and harder you will need to have fast muscles, and you can not develop your muscles for speed with the usual soccer workouts and drills, including running laps.

With superior running speed and kicking power you can expect the following:
  • Run faster to beat your opponent to the ball.
  • Get yourself more scoring opportunities.
  • Out run your opponent to get open.
  • Get to more balls quicker.
  • Smash crushing kicks past the goalie.
  • Kick the ball farther downfield.
  • Have more confidence on the field.
  • Look & Feel more fit and energetic on the field.
  • Play with greater enjoyment.
The best strategy for getting faster muscle speed

Your kicking power and running speed will be determined by the speed of you muscles, it’s as simple as that.

As far as your muscles are concerned, muscle speed and muscle strength are not the same and muscles therefore have separate muscle fiber types, one for speed and another for strength and endurance. In most all athletes and soccer players muscles are being trained for strength and endurance and muscle speed is being totally ignored.

That’s why you have a tremendous amount of untapped muscle speed, which when unleashed, will result in tremendous gains in running speed and kicking power.

What we have found is that muscle speed is best developed using a program of isometric exercises with resistance bands.

Now we know that isometrics has been around for many years, and dramatic results have been achieved using this technique, but because of the many new training methods that have been introduced over the past several years, isometrics has been mostly ignored.

Resistance bands have become more popular recently; however they are typically used as a replacement for weights and cables – but resistance bands as a replacement for weights, that is using repetitions, doesn’t work for speed.

Resistance bands used properly with an isometric training strategy far outperforms weights and other training programs in dramatic ways when it comes to developing speed.

Isometrics, the way we teach it using the resistance band, is the ideal method to develop blazing speed and quickness in soccer and in any other sport.

Incredible results in soccer speed have been realized when muscles are properly conditioned for speed.

The many stories of dramatic increases in speed we receive from athletes and recreational players alike support our research about how muscles are designed to produce both speed and strength and why muscles cannot be trained for speed the same way they are trained for strength and endurance.


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Plus 60 day Money Back Guarantee! You Can’t Beat That!

(Includes PDF of training manual and exercise videos)

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Works for all age groups and fitness levels

This soccer workout program, utilizing the dynamic properties of resistance bands, will train your muscles for speed and quickness in just a few minutes a day, simply, safely and effectively at your convenience, practically anywhere and any time without having to use weights or any special equipment.

Because the resistance level applied by the bands is determined by the strength of the individual, the exercises can be successfully used by practically anyone, of any age, (beginner, youth, high school, college or professional) and any fitness level and any skill level.

This revolutionary soccer speed program, allows anyone, of any age, background or level of experience, to dramatically increase their running speed, lateral quickness and kicking power.

State Soccer Player of the Year: “I Live by your Training Methods“

Frankie D., Maine State High School Player of the year for Soccer, knows speed.

“Hi I have used your product for the past few years on and off for track and soccer season. I use the “Kick Farther and Run Faster” book.

I swear by your training methods and just wanted to say thank you for putting these training programs out there! I want to let you know I will continue to live by your training methods!”

Frankie D. – Bethel, Maine
  • State High School Soccer Player of the year
  • United States Achievement Academy National Soccer Award
  • Conference record holder for the 200m
  • As a sophomore broke school’s 100m, 200m, and triple jump records
Elite Player Gets Amazing Results

Magnus L. now wants to train rest of his body with isometrics and bands

Hey, First of all I wanna say thanks. I’m an elite soccer player, 20 years old who has worked with the soccer program for a year, what an amazing result!

Today after I finished my exercise I looked back just to refresh my memory of isometric training, how it works and so on, and realized I want the isometric training for my upper body also.

Magnus L. – Malmo, Sweden

Everything You Need for More Powerful Soccer Kicks and Faster Running Speed



Only $29.95!

Plus 60 day Money Back Guarantee! You Can’t Beat That!

(Includes PDF of training manual and exercise videos)

Order Soccer Training Program
The Kick Farther & Run Faster Speed Training Program
Developed by Muscle Speed Expert Dr. Larry Van Such

Now Available in Digital Format for Immediate Download After Ordering!

You Get: the Soccer Speed Training Exercise Manual in PDF format, developed by muscle speed expert Dr. Larry Van Such.  This can be downloaded straight to your computer as well as viewed online.  It includes:

  • detailed instructions,
  • muscle diagrams showing which muscles are being trained,
  • training schedule,
  • progress chart,
  • training tips, and
  • photos clearly showing how to do each of the 10 exercises to quicken and strengthen all the muscles needed for explosive sprinting speed and longer and harder kicks.
You Get: Videos – All 10 Kick Farther and Speed Training Exercises on video!
  • Immediately after placing your order you also will be able to download the exercise instructional videos right to your computer or watch them online.

You GET! 2 Bonus Videos! 

  • Afterburner Video! This video will show you how to look for weak areas in your training to get even more kicking power/distance and running speed gains.
  • Increase Resistance Video!  This video will show you how to increase resistance in the exercises very easily as you start to progress throughout the program.

Plus, you also get!

  • full access to our customer support team. Email them anytime (support@athleticquickness.com) with any questions you have about the speed training program or the isometric workouts, and they will gladly and promptly give you the best answers possible. You also have available to you, if needed, the expertise of muscle speed expert Dr. Larry Van Such, the developer of the training techniques used in this manual.

Order your program now. You will not find this athletic training program in any store.

We have kept the price low to make sure everyone can get their hands on this program.

You could be the one making the difference in your next game.

If you want to:
  • Sprint Faster to get to more balls or race past your defender
  • Kick Farther and harder to score more goals and make better passes
  • Improve your athletic performance
  • Develop your soccer skills
  • Advance your soccer career
  • Win more games
  • Play better and have more fun
  • Or just get off the bench and get more playing time

You will start seeing results in your speed and kicking power in starting in days.

Use this soccer speed program and you will take your game to new levels even if you are in mid-season.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy, for any reason whatsoever, you get a full 100% refund anytime up to 60 days, no questions asked. That’s how confident we are about this program. If you do the exercises as prescribed you can’t help but get faster. To initiate a return, contact: Support@AthleticQuickness.com.

Full Customer Support

If you have any questions our support staff is here to answer them. We respond to all questions and inquiries. Use the contact page on this site or email us anytime if you have any questions.

Why People Are Using This Training Program
Conditions Muscles For Speed

Conditions muscles for speed in ways other workouts are not capable of doing; releasing untapped muscular energy that dramatically improves speed and develops better players.

Results Come Quickly

Players of all levels start seeing dramatic results in their performance within days, even during mid-season.

Helps Anyone Get Faster

Works for all ages and fitness levels. Used by Professionals, College and High School players as well as youth as young as 8 years and up. They can be done practically anywhere and anytime, require no special equipment, and take only 15 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

Being Used by Thousands

Thousands of athletes in countries across the globe are using these speed training exercises with overwhelming success. They’re smashing their own personal records and getting closer to their athletic dreams.

Why Take Action Now?
    • Winners take action and the sooner you get started, the sooner you will be speeding past your opponent, and beating your all-time bests.
    • Nothing changes if you procrastinate!
    • You have zero time to lose or waste to advance your athletic abilities and career.
    • Many spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars for other training programs and are still disappointed in their speed gains.
    • Some programs may be too complicated or time-consuming, or it may take months of grueling workouts to improve – not this one.
    • This training is fast and easy and only takes a few minutes a day and results come quickly.
Now it’s up to you, so take action and enjoy being a winner! – Even in mid-season!
Athletes need a variety of training techniques to reach their full athletic potential

Athletes need training for strength, endurance, coordination, proper technique, skill development, and speed.

The AthleticQuickness.com speed training program should be included as a necessary part of every players training program for the purpose of increasing muscle speed.

By adding these workouts to their training the athlete’s muscles will get a more thorough and complete workout than what they have ever experienced in the past. The net result will be dramatic increases in speed and better performance.

Why this program makes a huge difference:
  • The dynamically changing resistance levels of the band during isometric training strengthens and quickens the muscles, tendons and the nervous system in ways they have never experienced before and in ways that can not be attained using other training methods.
  • In almost all training programs the hard to reach, yet very important, muscles that control the hip joint are ignored even though the hip joint is the most used and important joint in all running and kicking sports. This program isolates, quickens and strengthens those hard to reach muscles which make a huge difference in any sport that requires quick reactions in the lower body.

This is why athletes and players using this training see dramatic results very quickly, even if they have already been doing other types of training for some time.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be out running and out kicking your opponents on the soccer field.

What will happen if you decide to do nothing? That’s right, nothing will change and your soccer game will not be improved.

Order this program now to absolutely get more out of your game by strengthening and quickening your muscles and nervous system for speed and quickness, probably for the first time.

Here is what can happen no matter what your skill level or current speed:
  • Deliver more powerful soccer kicks and score more often.
  • Get to more balls quicker and get more scoring opportunities.
  • Beat out your opponent on offense and defense.
  • Feel better, look better and enjoy the game even more.
Shooting More Great Goals

Super Athlete Matt B.

I was the fastest on my soccer team. Therefore, I was running around the defense. I’d get the ball passed up to me and I’d have to knock it on and run around the defense. However, I found it hard to retrieve the ball at the other end.

Thanks to your program I am able to get the ball at the other side of the man and shoot great goals. Thank you AthleticQuickness for helping me become the runner I am today.

Matt B. – Zurich, Switzerland

New Zealand Soccer Player Becomes More Athletic, Explosive and Quicker

Dylan easily beats his defender and now has his sight on the goal.

40 yard dash: Before: 5.8 seconds After: 5.4 seconds

200m dash: Before: 24.8 seconds After: 24.1 seconds

The Run Faster program is incredible! After just 14 days i have seen huge results as i feel more athletic, explosive and quick as i play soccer.

This increase in speed allows me to make goal scoring situations a lot more frequently.

It has helped my game hugely and i strongly recommend the program to any soccer player!

Dylan – Auckland, New Zealand

Dramatically improve your sprinting and kicking by conditioning your fast twitch muscle fibers, perhaps for the first time.


Only $29.95!

Plus 60 day Money Back Guarantee! You Can’t Beat That!

(Includes PDF of training manual and exercise videos)

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