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How 2nd String Sub Became All State Baseball Champion


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Mick Baker goes from 2nd string sub batting 9th to
leading his team as State Champions while batting 4th with highest RBI total, fewest strikeouts, .377 batting ave. and winning All State Honors!

He trained during 2 off seasons using the AQSpeed Baseball Training Program to become a top ranked player in Iowa.


“As a high school sophomore, I was 5 foot 5 inches tall, weighed about 140 pounds and struggled throwing the ball across the infield. I batted 9th sparingly and was mainly used as a defensive substitute.

I was not fast enough or strong enough to compete against varsity level competition.

Looked for Ways to Improve his Game

I needed something else I could incorporate with my workout routine that would really focus on the key muscles used for baseball.

I had heard of AQSpeed from people at various baseball showcases around the country, so I was willing to give it a try.

I stated seeing results instantly!”


“The Baseball Speed Program was a Huge Reason for my Success on the Baseball Diamond”.

Workouts with AQ Baseball Speed Training During Off Season

Mick worked out using the Swing Faster, Throw Harder, and Run Quicker baseball speed training program 3 times a week, every week during the off season.

As a junior when the season started the following May, he was using the muscles in his arms, abdominals and legs like he had never done before, and felt he was in mid-season form right from the 1st game and his coach moved him to 1st in the batting order. He was driving gaps, getting more base hits and covering the infield like he never thought possible.

That year his team made it all the way to the Iowa State Championship game, but ended up losing by three runs.

After experiencing the great progress he had made from the previous season, and also making it to the state championship game,  he was now motivated more than ever to do even better.

Next Year he Trains Even Harder Using the Band Exercises

During the off season he worked out six days a week using the resistance band exercises as prescribed in the Swing Faster, Throw Harder, and Run Quicker baseball speed training program. His swing speed continued to increase as well as his foot speed.

During his senior year his coach moved him to the cleanup position and the team advanced to the regional tournament. In the tournament they played 18 games against the toughest competition in the state.

Wins State Championship and Awarded State Honors

Mick was the only player to play every inning of those 18 games and never struck out. He was awarded all state honors and a repeat visit to the state championship game, which they won 1-0.

He reports: “I was able to accomplish what I wanted to in my playing career. My senior year I was named to multiple Iowa All-State Teams. I was named First Team All-Conference, First Team All-District, and First Team Quad City Metro Area. My team and I reached the State Championship again my senior year, this time winning it all. “

“Even though I was still only 5’8 and weighed not even 165 pounds I batted 4th for our team and ended up leading the state tournament that year in Runs Batted In.”

His Dad says: “The bands training increased his body size and gave him the confidence to hit .377 with an on base percentage of 455. I don’t recall Mick every being hurt. I know the bands had everything to do with that.

Receives Offers From Colleges Around the Country

Mick was recruited by Junior Colleges, NCAA Division 3 and NAIA Division 1 programs around the country.

However he decided to end his baseball career to pursue a college degree at his state college, the University of Iowa.

His former high school has since offered him and he has accepted the position, as a baseball coach for the freshman team.

Says Mick: “I will be implementing workouts demonstrated in SWING FASTER, THROW HARDER, AND RUN QUICKER during practices because I believe they are vital in strengthening the muscle groups associated with the game of baseball.”


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