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Resistance Bands for Speed

Arm Exercises for Running
Arm Exercises for Running and Sprinting

In this article I am going to show you a couple of arm exercises for running, and perhaps more specifically, shoulder exercises for runners since that’s where most of the upper extremity strength and power comes from. But first, I want to explain to you why it’s important to do these arm exercises because if you know how they will help with your running, then you are more likely to follow through and do them. So, let’s begin. Generally Speaking… Most people understand, on some superficial level, that the arms and shoulders are necessary for more efficient and faster running…. read more

resistance bands for speed
How to Use Resistance Bands for Speed!

Resistance Bands for Running! In this article, I am going to show you how to use resistance bands for speed, the correct way, so that your fast twitch muscle fibers will start to contract quicker than ever before.  And, once you start training them the way I’m about to explain, you’ll be able to do things a whole lot better such as run faster, jump higher and kick a ball farther, to name a few.  Exciting stuff for sure, so, let’s get started! Resistance bands, or, speed bands have a very unique physical property known as variable elastic potential.  This… read more

Best exercise resistance bands
Best Resistance Bands for Speed Training Workouts

Attention: Athletes using resistance band workouts ……… Not all resistance bands are created equal There are many different companies that make exercise resistance bands and you may have seen them in a catalog or at a local gym. Some companies even make resistance tubing (not bands) that handles. But, not all exercise bands provide the type of resistance you need when performing the speed training exercises described in the programs offered by AthleticQuickness.com. Which bands are the best exercise resistance bands for speed training and why? Some exercise bands are too weak regardless of what level or resistance you use… read more

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