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calf muscles for sprinting

calf muscles for faster running speed
Strong Calf Muscles = Faster Running Speed!

There’s More to Your Calf Muscles Than You Know! Getting your calf muscles stronger will go a long way toward helping you achieve a faster running speed. It will also go a long way toward helping you jump higher and farther.  But, there’s more to appreciate about your calf muscles than simply knowing what they do and, perhaps, where they are located, but, let’s start there just in case. The calf muscles, also known as the ankle plantarflexors as well as simply, the calves, are located in the posterior lower leg region.  They are responsible for pointing the foot downward… read more

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Anthony Chesson

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Darrell Wesh

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Mick Baker

Smallest player, batting 4th, leads team to Iowa State Championship, Named Tournament RBI Leader