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Lacrosse Speed Training Secrets

Lacrosse is one of the fastest growing sports in all of America at the moment. It is something that many young kids are getting into and high school programs across the country are adding it to their sporting portfolio. As a result, lacrosse teams are even popping up in colleges. Now, people can scholarships and money for school through their specific lacrosse career. To make sure you get these opportunities, you want to make sure you’re as fast as possible.

Key Takeaways:

  • If you are fast within your own sport, you automatically have a big advantage for yourself.
  • Speed is something that not everyone is born with, or blessed with, but it can be trained.
  • Any little thing that can separate you from other players as you get to a higher level is important.

“Another impact player for the game of lacrosse has to be Kyle Harrison, who’s great skill and fast play making creativity on the field makes him a very valuable asset to any LAX team! I spoke to LAX Superstars Chazz Woodson and Ryan Flanagan on twitter and ask them how important speed and the ability to run fast is to them and to the game of lacrosse?”

Read more: https://www.musclespeed.com/lacrosse-speed/lacrosse-speed-training-secrets/


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