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The Importance of Deceleration and Landing Mechanics


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There is massive importance for people who are athletes to know about deceleration and the landing mechanics of when you are jumping or running. These are things that come natural to some people. However, for others, it is hard to wrap their heads around these ideas. It is important to know how to land correctly. This will set you up to take off and be more springy in your movements. In turn, you may be faster during your actual sprints.

Key Takeaways:

  • Every single people that plays a sport wants to become a little bit more athletic over time.
  • Understanding the importance of movement and landing mechanics on the field will allow you to progress faster.
  • Deceleration is something that not many people focus on because it is not considered a real running motion by some.

“In today‚Äôs age of sports when it comes to performing on the field, speed is king. We, as trainers, are trying to get our athletes bigger, stronger, and faster to achieve maximum results in competition. But in recent years, the rate of injuries seems to be on the rise and we may be partially at fault for these occurrences. All too often we are training our athletes with explosive movements to help with acceleration, focusing on these aspects to create a faster athlete.”

Read more: https://athletesacceleration.com/deceleration-and-landing-mechanics/


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