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How to Train for Speed

how to quickly increase speed
How to Quickly Increase Speed in Muscles

What is the single most effective way to quickly increase speed of muscle contraction? Answer: Isometric Training with the Resistance Band  The quickest way to get faster! Every athlete with the desire to sprint faster and increase speed using conventional strength training methods will inevitably be faced with only two choices on how to do it. Two Conventional Choices to Increase Speed Choice 1) Increase the strength in their legs, thighs, hips and ankles while at the same time not gaining any significant body weight. One of the consequences of heavy exercise is the addition of extra body weight in… read more

How To Become a Faster and Better Player in Days – Not Weeks or Months

How to get faster muscle speed and quickly improve your athletic performance in all sports!   Having fast muscles is not the same as having strong muscles and you can not get faster contracting muscles by training for strength using traditional weight training routines – in fact that could actually make you slower. For speed, fast muscles will nearly always be more important than strong muscles – yet making your muscles faster is almost always misunderstood. The reason muscles can be both strong and fast is because they are composed of basically two fiber types. One type (slow twitch fibers)… read more

running speed and body torques
How Body Torques Give Faster Running Speed

During the Summer of 2016 Dr. Larry VanSuch was honored to present this material, ‘5 Torgues for Faster Running Speed’ at the Realta Clinic Seminar attended by world class Olympic athletes, trainers, coaches, and therapists from Jamaica, Ireland, Belgium, and other parts of Europe. Everald Edwards – Personal Trainer to Usain Bolt – Gold Medal Olympic Champion Gavin James – Therapist/Teacher/Trainer to the Jamaican Olympic Sprint Team and personal trainer to Christina Day (400m Sprint), Jaheel Hyde (2014 World Junior 400m Hurdles Champion), & Kaliese Spencer (400m Hurdles) ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————– 5 Torgues for Faster Running Speed by Dr. Larry VanSuch</h3 Did… read more

The running process - swing phase
Secrets to Running Speed – The Swing Phase

Little Known Secrets of Speed Training That Will Make You Faster in Days The Swing Phase Here I am going to continue to break down the running process and talk about the second phase of running, the swing phase and how conditioning your muscles for just this one phase will quickly make a huge improvement in your speed. We are also going to discuss the dynamic role your hip flexor muscles play in this phase and also going to get into how and why your fast twitch muscle fibers respond very quickly and produce more speed when being trained with… read more

Not for Faster Times in the 40
Faster Times in the 40 Not Because of No Pain – No Gain

NFL Prospects Beware – Speed Disappointments Happen Every February  … the little known secret behind “no pain – no gain”and getting faster times in the 40 …”  Indianapolis, Indiana.  The home of the annual NFL combine that takes place once a year and where the best of college football players display their skills in front of coaches, trainers and scouts. NFL Hopefuls Use Top Athletic Trainers Available Most of these prospects have already hired an agent, who then introduces them to some of the best athletic trainers in the business.  These experts promise the athletes that their conditioning routine is… read more

Baseball training in mid-season
Training in Mid-Season

Can I start speed training in mid-season, achieve great results and improve my skills, all in less than 2 weeks? 3 proven reasons you can do speed training in mid-season and improve your performance within days! One of the questions we often receive deals with a concern people have about doing something new and different in the middle of an ongoing season. It does not matter whether your sport is baseball, basketball, soccer or football. Let’s take football for example. As I write this article, we are right in the middle of the season, and a lot of head coaches,… read more

Include speed training in your strength program
How to Include Speed and Strength Training In Your Workouts

“How do I include the AthleticQuickness.com  Speed Training Program into my existing strength training routine?” This is the question I hear more than any other.  Because strength training can interfere with results of pure speed training, many athletes are asking how they should structure their workouts to take advantage of both strength training and speed training. 8 Tips for Including a Speed Training Program into Your Strength Training Routine Remember, muscles have two distinct fiber types – fast twitch for muscle speed and slow twitch for muscle strength. These different fiber types cannot be separated apart from each other and… read more

What is muscle confusion
What is Muscle Confusion?

What really is Muscle Confusion? The complete answer may just surpise you! Most people would define the term Muscle Confusion as changes in one’s workout routine every couple of weeks to prevent plateaus from occurring and to keep your muscles continually growing and responding. Changes in your workout may be something as simple as this: You may be working your chest with the straight bar for incline presses, decline presses and flat bench presses for about 4 weeks.  You stop with those, and not only introduce 3 new chest exercises with dumbbells such as incline flies, decline flies and flat… read more

Isometrics and speed training
3 Reasons Isometrics is Ideal for Sports Speed

3 Reasons Why Isometrics, The Way We Teach It, Is Ideal For Speed Training! The training does not mix endurance or strength training with speed training, so it can focus soley on the factors that make it a pure speed training program.  First, what is meant by muscle contraction speed? Use the biceps muscle in your arm for an example.  When your arm is stretched out straight, your biceps muscle is stretched.  Now move your fist towards your shoulder.  What has happened?  Your biceps muscle contracts thus moving your fist toward your shoulder.   Obviously, the faster your muscle contracts, the faster… read more

Speed Training Programs
Best Training Programs for Speed and Quickness

How To Easily and Effectively Train for Speed Speed Training Programs that precisely target the muscles used in an athletic activity and the muscle fiber types responsible for quick and powerful reactions. AthleticQuickness.com is committed to help any athlete achieve their athletic goals of speed and quickness. We are bringing EVERYONE a simple, low cost, yet effective cutting-edge speed training program that is designed to do just one thing — make your muscles fast. You may have used various types of soccer drills, football, basketball or baseball agility drills, or any other drills for speed training; however, the speed and quickness exercise programs developed by Dr. Larry… read more

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