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How to Throw a Football Farther

The following article was produced in response to this person’s inquiry: Good evening. I have read this paper and I am interested in learning if you have done any work with the throwing motion of a football using isometrics and resistance bands. Thank you so much and I look forward to hearing from you! I do have a training football which has a small loop on one end that could be attached to a band. Thanks for the inquiry.  Throwing motions, such as those for a football or baseball, as well as swinging motions, such as those for a baseball… read more

Youth football player is fastest on team
How to be a Winner in Youth Football

Pop Warner Football Player Loves Scoring Touchdowns!   One of my patients is a coach for a local Pop Warner football team here in town. His name is Coach Greene, and his 12 year old son was hoping to become the starting running back for the team. The competition was tough, even for his age group, and Coach Greene was looking for ways to make sure his son got his share of the playing time. However, even though he was the coach, he wanted his son to earn this position. He wasn’t just going to give it to him because… read more

Not for Faster Times in the 40
Faster Times in the 40 Not Because of No Pain – No Gain

NFL Prospects Beware – Speed Disappointments Happen Every February  … the little known secret behind “no pain – no gain”and getting faster times in the 40 …”  Indianapolis, Indiana.  The home of the annual NFL combine that takes place once a year and where the best of college football players display their skills in front of coaches, trainers and scouts. NFL Hopefuls Use Top Athletic Trainers Available Most of these prospects have already hired an agent, who then introduces them to some of the best athletic trainers in the business.  These experts promise the athletes that their conditioning routine is… read more

faster 40 times
Football Coaches and Slow 40 Times

A Letter to Football Coaches About Your Disappointing 40 Yard Dash Times Are You the Problem? Dear Football Coach, Your offensive and defensive teams are just minutes away from improving their team speed in the 40-yard dash time by a minimum of 1.1 seconds!!  What’s holding them back?  Is it you? Recently, a coach commented on our hip flexor exercise video with the following: “Okay, how is it that the hip flexors are that important?!” “You’re propelled forward by pushing down against the ground.  Though you need to get your other leg up quickly, it isn’t against resistance, so it… read more

How to Get Drafted into the NFL

How to Get Drafted into the NFL Here are the Two Biggest Secrets to Getting Drafted. Get These Two Right and You Can Make It. By Mark Parson NFL Cornerback   Mark Parson: Houston Texans and New Orleans Saints Cornerback Most people do not know exactly what it takes to make it to the NFL. Well from my personal experience I will tell you how it can be done. First you will need luck, football IQ and great work ethic. So now that we got that out of the way, let me explain how you can give yourself the best… read more

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