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Workouts for the hip joint
Most Powerful Joint in Sports is Under Trained

Here’s Why You Don’t Run Faster Or Kick Harder, How to Fix it and Take Your Game to Levels You’ve Never Dreamed Possible! Even Professionals are Clueless and Wasting Their Time Okay, listen up athletes, coaches, trainers, professionals, amateurs, etc., I’ve got some groundbreaking information that I am going to share with you here today, information that can only be found at AthleticQuickness.com. This information is going to help you take your athletic performance to the very next level and possibly beyond. And I can say that with absolute confidence because what I am going to share with you here… read more

Improve Sports Performance with muscle speed
How to Increase Muscle Speed in Days

Speed Training Exercises Proven To Dramatically Improve Your Sports Performance In Days No matter What Your Sport, Age, Fitness or Skill Level   Here’s Why This Proven System Works and How You Can Make It Work For Yourself By using the AthleticQuickness.com speed training exercises two things will happen: 1)  Your fast twitch muscle fibers will be conditioned for speed properly, perhaps for the first time, and 2)  Your muscles’ memory will be programmed to execute predetermined quick and powerful contractions. This combination of properly conditioned fast twitch muscle fibers (these are the fibers in your muscles that are responsible for… read more

Athletes getting great results
Why This Speed Training Workout Gives Great Results

Some people have a hard time believing it’s possible to get great results from their speed training workouts. If you’re one of them this may help. Why AthleticQuickness.com Speed Training ProgramsProduce Such Great Results! The reason these speed training workouts produce such great results at quickly conditioning your muscles to be fast and responsive is because during an isometric contraction with resistance bands, the muscles’ motor unit recruitment patterns are entirely new and different than what has been normally experienced by a muscle that has not been conditioned with this type of training. When using the resistance band with an… read more

resistance bands for speed
How to Use Resistance Bands for Speed!

Resistance Bands for Running! In this article, I am going to show you how to use resistance bands for speed, the correct way, so that your fast twitch muscle fibers will start to contract quicker than ever before.  And, once you start training them the way I’m about to explain, you’ll be able to do things a whole lot better such as run faster, jump higher and kick a ball farther, to name a few.  Exciting stuff for sure, so, let’s get started! Resistance bands, or, speed bands have a very unique physical property known as variable elastic potential.  This… read more

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