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How Darrell Wesh Won 60m National Gold


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At the Nike Indoor National Championships, Darrell Wesh wins the Gold Medal in the 60m.


He reveals here for the 1st time the training that allowed him to dominate the competition throughout his senior year.

As a sprinter for Landstown H.S. in Viginia Beach Virginia, Darrell Wesh struggled during his junior year to get the speed he wanted. He was then introduced by a friend to the AthleticQuickness.com RUN FASTER speed training program.

Darrell says he devoured every morsel of information he could find on the AthleticQuickness.com website and incorporated it into his workout regimen.

“I stayed away from weights and plyometrics. I did body weight exercises like pullups and pushups to ensure I would not get too bulky for my body. But most importantly, the resistance bands training sealed the deal.”

“I felt like Usain Bolt the whole season. I was untouchable. I was dominating the competition by half a second in the 100 meter dash at the State meet. And in the 200. Catching guys from WAY back in the 4×100 relay.”

In the New Balance Outdoor Nationals in Greensboro North Carolina he took 2nd in 100m with a time of 10.42, only 1/100th of a second behind the 1st place finisher.

At the Virginia state meet he won the 55m and 300m meters. His 55m and 300m times were the fastest times recorded during the year for U.S. national rankings.

At the Group AAA state meet he won the 100, 200 and anchored the winning 400-meter relay. In the 100 he had the 2nd fastest time ever in the state of Virginia.


Gatorade Virginia Athlete of the Year – Darrell Wesh looks back at the competition.

At the Nike Indoor Nationals in March, Darrell took 1st place as national champion in the 60 meter.

People had been asking him what sprint training strategies he had done to improve so dramatically from his junior year. But he was not talking.

When the season ended Darrell reports:

“Now that high school track is over, I can tell everyone the secret. My workouts did not change on the track and no, it was not a growth spurt.

I simply used the AthleticQuickness.com RUN FASTER speed training program.

As soon as I did the exercises I felt light and springy, almost as if I had taken off a weight vest I had worn my whole life.

“I loved the program and it has turned me into a national caliber athlete with three U.S. #1 performances and a national ring for 1st place.”


This comment on a speed training blog explains why Darrell wanted to keep his training secrets to himself.

“Im a junior running 21.5 in the 200m and 10.7 in the 100m but i cant seem to break out of running 49s…… and also i need to improve on my form and running mechanics but im stuck… ive been doing my drills daily and i still run the same…with my shoulders above my neck making me too tense. My facial muscles unrelaxed, which in my opinion subsequently affects my neck and shoulders, and my foot is not dorsiflexed combined with no forward lean suggesting my back is too tense. Please help me coach. my goal is to beat the Nike Indoor National 60m champion Darrell Wesh in the 200m who is also in my district.”
– Walter


HS Senior Year Accomplishments:
  • U.S. National Champion 60m
  • U.S. National Runner Up 100m
  • Fastest times in the U.S. for the 55m, 60m, and 300m 2010 track season
  • 2nd Fastest 100m ever in Virginia
  • Virginia Group AAA champion in the 55, 100, 200, 300 and 4X100m relay.
  • Running the final leg of the 4×400 Wesh took the baton after the #3 leg had fallen and came from behind to catch the leaders at the tape for a 3rd place photo finish.
  • 2010 Virginia Gatorade Athlete of the Year


Va Tech Track Accomplishments:
  • 2013 ACC 200m Champion
  • 2013 Breaks school record in the 60m at 6.57
  • 2012 NCAA 100m Champion
  • 2 time All American
  • Makes the Haiti National Team


ACC Championships 200m Gold Medal Winner


NCAA Championships 100m Champion


Haiti National Track Team Star

The Program Darrell used to Win the National Championships.


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