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Leg muscles help sprint speed
How Can Leg Muscles be Trained So You Sprint Faster?

How to run faster and react quicker by training the primary muscle fibers involved in running speed. AthleticQuickness.com brings you the Run Faster Speed Training Program developed by Dr. Larry Van Such How to run faster than ever before in just days Isometric training using variable resistance elastic exercise bands is the technique you will learn to develop the fast twitch muscles in your legs, thus increasing your running speed in just 14 days, 15 minutes each day. No other athletic speed training program is faster or more effective! We realize that Isometrics has been around for years. Now after… read more

Why Soccer Players Need Strong Hips (and How to Build Them)

No matter what sport you are playing, there is always a specific area of your body that could benefit from a certain type of workout. In this instance we put our focus on soccer players and why they should be focused on their hip flexibility and condition. Stack outlines how flexion, extension, abduction and adduction functions to ensure the body remains in an optimal state. They also provide several guided exercise videos to get you started with great examples. Key Takeaways: Many signature soccer moves, such as breaking ankles during sharp opponent-directed turns, owe much to the strength of the… read more

Football Coaches and Slow 40 Times

Is there anything you’ve ever wanted to say to your football coach, or maybe to one of your friends who happens to be a coach? In a new article by AthleticQuickness.com, one writer calls out coaches everywhere, suggesting that they may be their own personal problem. Coaching is difficult enough but when you’re providing incorrect ways in which to do those actions, you may be hindering your player’s performance. The remainder of this article focuses on providing education to coaches about running techniques and how to provide better training overall. Key Takeaways: The key to running a faster 40 lies… read more

5 Two-Ball Dribbling Drills Every Basketball Player Should Try

Participating in various two-ball drills is a great way to improve coordination and overall skill development for when you’re out on the court. A great example of one of these two-ball dribbling drills is the Windshield Wiper. The Windshield Wiper is a drill in which you dribble each ball simultaneously in a wiper-like motion. Another is the Circle drill in which you dribble the balls through your legs or in a reverse motion, whichever you feel is more advantageous to your personal skill set. Key Takeaways: Although two-ball dribbling can seem to be a flashy and pointless exercise, it actually… read more

How To Become a Faster and Better Player in Days – Not Weeks or Months

Training for speed is not the same as training for endurance. The muscles of the human body exist as one of two fibers: fast twitch and slow twitch. The former excel at activating rapidly and the latter are best at resisting heavy loads over time. Both have their strengths, but one cannot replace the other. To get faster at any sport, use an resistance band to isometrically exercise the hip flexor; the primary muscle responsible for lifting the leg. Key Takeaways: It is known that for speed, faster muscles are preferred over stronger muscles, but it is not well understood… read more

6 Amazing Exercises that Improve Athletic Speed

If you are an athlete, speed is one of the most important attributes you can bring to the game. With the right speed and power, you can do so much more in the sport than ever before. And believe it or not, there are tons of fun, simple exercises that you can do that will help improve your speed. Lunges, side rows, and the other four exercises listed here can help you so add them to your routine! Key Takeaways: According to author and coach Lee Taft, there are 6 exercises that can help to significantly increase athletic speed. In… read more

The Plight of the Elite, Fast-Twitch Athlete

When you spot the fastest person on a sprinting team, you are specifically looking at someone who is referred to as a fast-twitch athlete. Athletes that have the ability to perform at speedy levels may often be experiencing a phenomena that includes their body outperforming the limits of their actual muscles and nervous system. Other experts suggest that their ability to exceed normal limits is due to a neurological system that is highly advanced, giving them the ability to dismiss common discomforts experienced while performing. Key Takeaways: The author says that he has been in a fortunate position to be… read more

Exercise Predictability, Isometrics, & Partial Reps with Jamie Smith, Part II

Jamie Smith is an exercise expert. He was an athlete himself and has a degree in Sports Medicine and a concentration in Exercise Physiology. He now is an expert trainer for other athletes. His training focuses on the correct blend of predictable versus unpredictable training. One way to get that unpredictable training is to add in a “chaotic” movement at the end of a workout. One example of this is his 3-D plyometrics. He is also a strong believer in isometrics as a tool to increase an athlete’s force. Key Takeaways: Jamie Smith is the founder and head sport preparation… read more

How To Become a Faster and Better Player in Days – Not Weeks or Months

How to get faster muscle speed and quickly improve your athletic performance in all sports!   Having fast muscles is not the same as having strong muscles and you can not get faster contracting muscles by training for strength using traditional weight training routines – in fact that could actually make you slower. For speed, fast muscles will nearly always be more important than strong muscles – yet making your muscles faster is almost always misunderstood. The reason muscles can be both strong and fast is because they are composed of basically two fiber types. One type (slow twitch fibers)… read more

Workouts for the hip joint
Most Powerful Joint in Sports is Under Trained

Here’s Why You Don’t Run Faster Or Kick Harder, How to Fix it and Take Your Game to Levels You’ve Never Dreamed Possible! Even Professionals are Clueless and Wasting Their Time Okay, listen up athletes, coaches, trainers, professionals, amateurs, etc., I’ve got some groundbreaking information that I am going to share with you here today, information that can only be found at AthleticQuickness.com. This information is going to help you take your athletic performance to the very next level and possibly beyond. And I can say that with absolute confidence because what I am going to share with you here… read more

Improve Sports Performance with muscle speed
How to Increase Muscle Speed in Days

Speed Training Exercises Proven To Dramatically Improve Your Sports Performance In Days No matter What Your Sport, Age, Fitness or Skill Level   Here’s Why This Proven System Works and How You Can Make It Work For Yourself By using the AthleticQuickness.com speed training exercises two things will happen: 1)  Your fast twitch muscle fibers will be conditioned for speed properly, perhaps for the first time, and 2)  Your muscles’ memory will be programmed to execute predetermined quick and powerful contractions. This combination of properly conditioned fast twitch muscle fibers (these are the fibers in your muscles that are responsible for… read more

Why you are not faster
Why You Are Not Faster No Matter How Much You Workout

You keep doing the same workouts and you’re still missing 50% of the training! Every athlete who walks into a gym, practice field or track who ‘thinks’ they are training for running speed and then leaves the gym, practice field or track believing they have done everything humanly possible to help them get faster, is always leaving untouched upwards of 50% of the muscles responsible to make them faster. That’s right, half the muscles involved in running go untrained. If that’s true, do you think this could be the problem resulting in little or no improvements in speed gains? That… read more

running speed and body torques
How Body Torques Give Faster Running Speed

During the Summer of 2016 Dr. Larry VanSuch was honored to present this material, ‘5 Torgues for Faster Running Speed’ at the Realta Clinic Seminar attended by world class Olympic athletes, trainers, coaches, and therapists from Jamaica, Ireland, Belgium, and other parts of Europe.   Everald Edwards – Personal Trainer to Usain Bolt – Gold Medal Olympic Champion Gavin James – Therapist/Teacher/Trainer to the Jamaican Olympic Sprint Team and personal trainer to Christina Day (400m Sprint), Jaheel Hyde (2014 World Junior 400m Hurdles Champion), & Kaliese Spencer (400m Hurdles)   ——————————————————————————————————————————————————————–   5 Torgues for Faster Running Speed by Dr…. read more

Kicking and hip flexors
Kicking Power and Hip Flexors

Strong Hip Flexor Muscles Increase Kicking Power and Kicking Distance Even Top Players Can Immediately Kick Harder and Kick Farther The hip flexors play a major role in kicking, whether it’s a soccer ball or with other kicking responsibilities such as kicking field goals, kickoffs and punting in football. In Figure 1 below, an athlete is making his final preparation to kick a soccer ball.  As soon as he plants his left foot on the ground, the right thigh and leg are pushed backward. This stretches, or loads, the hip flexor muscles in the front and readies them for an… read more

Athletes getting great results
Why This Speed Training Workout Gives Great Results

Some people have a hard time believing it’s possible to get great results from their speed training workouts. If you’re one of them this may help. Why AthleticQuickness.com Speed Training ProgramsProduce Such Great Results! The reason these speed training workouts produce such great results at quickly conditioning your muscles to be fast and responsive is because during an isometric contraction with resistance bands, the muscles’ motor unit recruitment patterns are entirely new and different than what has been normally experienced by a muscle that has not been conditioned with this type of training. When using the resistance band with an… read more

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