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4/12: The Ultimate Running Speed Equation – Torque #1

4/ Part 4 of 12 – Torque #1: Glutes, Hams, Quads, Calves     Okay, so back to the role of the glutes/hams, quads and calves. See Figure 1. Figure 4-1. Glutes/hams, quads and calves  I’ve mentioned several times already, that what everyone typically tells me they think these muscles do, is simply “push the body forward” when we run, and I have this illustrated with a white horizontal arrow as shown in Figure 2. Figure 4-2. Pushing the body, forward  Now, I know some of the more astute people on this subject, like to talk about their also being… read more

11/12: The Ultimate Running Speed Equation – Identify Torque Patterns

Part 11 of 12 – How to Identify Torque Patterns First, you will recall a short while back that I said the hip flexors always work alone, so, if we look at the image on the left in Figure 11-1 below, we see that her left hip is being flexed and the torque creating a CW torque shown all by itself in yellow and if we look at the image on the right, we see that her right hip is being flexed creating a CCW torque all by itself shown in red. Figure 11-1  So, knowing the hip flexors always… read more

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