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How to Increase Bat Speed & Blast More Hits and Home Runs Starting in Days!

Simple, Yet Revolutionary Exercises, Condition Your Bat Swing For Speed, Quickness, and Power Like Never Before, and Have You Hitting Stronger, Throwing Harder and Running Faster In Just days.

Let’s face it, there is nothing like explosive bat speed that will make the biggest difference in a game. We have all seen it; games are won or lost because of a player’s timely hit with power. There is no substitute for a long drive over the outfielder’s head to ignite your team, turn the game around, discourage your opponent, or just have a great time. Yes, that can be you.

There is no faster and simpler way to maximize your bat speed than by following the AthleticQuickness.com Swing Faster speed training exercise program.

We all know that there are all kinds of baseball swing trainer drills, training equipment, baseball strength training programs, and theories about how to get faster bat speed. Everyone has a technique or theory – and some of them work very well. You may even feel like you have tried them all yourself.

If you have never seriously worked on your bat speed, then this isometric workout program is a great place to start.

If you have already “tried everything” then this is the final piece to your baseball speed training puzzle.

You will see quick and dramatic results in days just by doing these bat speed exercises for 15 minutes each day.

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Why we can guarantee results in days, even if you’re in mid-season.

As far as your muscles are concerned, speed, acceleration, and quickness are not the same as strength and endurance and you won’t achieve great speed by only training for strength. You see, speed is not determined only by how strong your muscles are, but mostly by how quickly they react and contract. This core principle is the essence of our isometric training program.

To maximize your hitting power, you will need strength so that you can swing a big enough bat with ease. You will also need endurance so that you do not tire quickly and have enough left in the late innings. With the use of fast-twitch muscle workouts, you can do just that.

You also need muscle contraction speed, which ultimately will determine how fast you can swing the bat. And the faster you can swing a bat, the more power you will generate behind your swing.

If it is important for you to learn how to hit home runs, hit with greater overall power, and get around on more fastballs, then the Swing Faster Speed Training Exercise Program will absolutely raise your performance to the next level!

Many baseball players believe that they can be better hitters and put more power into their swing, but are frustrated in their attempts when they don’t see immediate results.

This is because they have not been taught how to condition their fast-twitch muscles specifically for speed, acceleration and quickness.

We have assembled one of the most highly effective, yet easy to use, and least expensive baseball speed training programs ever available, designed exclusively by muscle speed expert, Dr. Larry Van Such.

Bat Speed determines performance level

When you understand what makes muscles faster, why these isometric workouts work, and how to properly apply your training to specific muscles, you will have discovered the secret to getting faster bat speed. This means more hits, longer home runs and fewer strikeouts.

By ordering our speed training program and doing the isometric workouts as described, you will have the tools you to need to hit with more power like you have never experienced before.

This isometric training program shows you exactly how to condition the correct muscles and the specific fast-twitch muscle fibers that are critical to performing at your highest levels.

We have only just begun to introduce this speed training program to customers and we have already read several big claims. And, if I were you, I’d be wondering:

Is This All A Bunch Of Hype?

You are absolutely right to ask this question. If we had not seen continued, repeatable success from our speed training program, and heard so many reports of others’ successes, we would be skeptical too.

So let me put your mind at ease and tell you exactly what this isometric workout program is about, and how it will work for you as well as it has for thousands of others like yourself, even if this is the first time you have ever heard of this type of training.

Proof that this works great for all levels of athletes

When you have the opportunity, consider reading the many stories of success by people who have dramatically improved their sports performance using these speed training exercises. You will see that many of them have been playing and training for years and were already top performers. As you can see, even the top performers stand much to gain from our isometric workout program.

If you are interested, read about how Dr. Van Such came across this training strategy and has now been teaching athletes how to get faster speed and better performance in all their sports skills for more than 10 years.

What is the secret to faster muscle speed?

The best way we have found to condition muscles for speed is with an isometric training strategy using speed training bands. Performed the way we teach them, these isometric exercises will condition specific muscle fibers in all the muscles that enable you to swing the bat with both speed and power.

Fast-twitch muscle fibers are often ignored

Muscles are composed of two fiber types. One type is for strength; the ability to move against heavy resistance, as well as the ability to perform repetitions without tiring. Another type of muscle fiber is for speed, that is, fast muscle contractions.

The bottom line, and what people have not grasped, is that you cannot condition your muscles for speed using the same techniques you use to train for strength. You may think you are making your muscles faster with strength training, but your muscles always know the difference.

“I’m Now Hitting More Doubles and Triples”

I recently ordered your Baseball Speed Training program. I’ve done the basic training and I am now on a maintenance schedule.


I play competitive softball, usually hit leadoff and my position is pitcher. I normally hit singles, doubles, and so far since completing the training I am hitting DOUBLES and TRIPLES with regularity!

In fact, my only concern is holding back on my quicker bat speed (the manual discussed making this adjustment).

Excellent product! I would definitely recommend this program and re-order your other products. Thanks!

P.S.: I also play pick-up basketball on the side. Here’s an unexpected benefit…my shot accuracy has also gone up (!!). But I will still get your basketball program in due course.

V. Brown – Toronto, Canada

Hits First Home Run Just Days after Starting the Program

“I just wanted to send you an email to tell you what your program has done for my son. My son has always been an all-star baseball player, but he is smaller than most boys his age. He used to be very fast, but in the past couple of years all the other boys are getting taller and faster, and my son appears to be slower.

I bought the programs for running and swinging faster. He has been using this program and I can see an improvement in his speed. His stamina has increased. He no longer huffs and puffs after running the bases.

And his hitting is stronger. He has always been a good hitter, but could never hit it over the fence. He moved up to the 11/12 year-old league that plays on a bigger field.

He just started using your program this season and has already, for the first time ever, hit the baseball over the fence. It has increased his hitting distance at least 50 or 60 feet.

Thank you so much for creating a program that is easy to use and not time consuming. I hope my comments will convince someone to buy this excellent program.”

Dawn J. – Lexington, NC

Why are athletes often disappointed with their bat speed training?

Most training programs are not designed to or capable of conditioning your fast-twitch muscle fibers for explosive speed and acceleration. That’s because strength and endurance training, instead of isometric workouts, will cause these fibers to ignore their natural ability to contract instantly and cause them to behave more like slow twitch – or strength – fibers.

That’s why you can actually get slower after heavy workouts with weights and repetitions.

In fact, once you start to exercise these specific muscle fibers, the way we teach it, you will likely discover that up until now they have been vastly underdeveloped.

If you think you can hit now, just wait until you unlock the speed that fast-twitch muscle fibers are capable of. The end result is more home runs, and a higher on-base percentage.

This remarkable speed training exercise program is designed to do just one thing and one thing only, and it does it very well – target and condition your fast-twitch fibers in your baseball swing muscles for speed, acceleration and quickness.

And it does this in a simple, easy to follow routine that anyone can do, practically anywhere and anytime, without costly equipment.

This is not a program about batting technique; it is not about strength training, plyometrics or cardio workouts.

We are providing you with the tools to get your muscles faster – for quicker and stronger bat speed, throwing speed, and running speed.

We are not saying that weights, plyometrics, and technique are not important. We believe that all-around conditioning, including strength, endurance and coordination as well as speed are important to an athlete’s success. Various types of training strategies are needed to fully develop all aspects of athletic performance.

What most athletes have not yet discovered is that isometrics with resistance bands, the way we teach it, will easily outperform weights and plyometrics when it comes to developing muscle speed.

This type of conditioning will result in you being able to swing faster and hit farther. Coaches will be amazed, competitors will be awed, teammates and friends will be astonished, and they will all want to know your secret.

Works for all age groups & fitness levels

Our baseball exercise program, utilizing the dynamic properties of resistance bands with an isometric training strategy, will train your muscles for speed, acceleration and quickness in just 15 minutes a day, simply, safely and effectively at your convenience, practically anywhere and any time without having to use weights or any special equipment. Results come quickly and you will start to see improved performance in your hitting, throwing and running speed in as little as 14 days (or less!)

And, because the resistance level applied by the isometric training bands is determined by the strength of the individual, these exercises can be successfully used by practically anyone, of any age or fitness level, (beginner, youth, high school, college or professional). It doesn’t get any better than that!

Just follow the speed training program detailed in the 51-page Training Manual, using the supplied resistance bands and you will see significant improvement in your bat speed, hitting power, throwing speed, and running speed. We guarantee results or your money back. No questions asked.

This new revolutionary baseball training program, allows anyone, of any age, background or level of experience, to absolutely increase their baseball or softball bat speed, and perform with drastically improved hitting and power.

How to Target and isolate specific muscles for the bat swing

Not only will this isometric workout program target your specific muscle fibers that generate speed, it is also designed to isolate the exact muscles that are crucial to better hitting – and will condition these muscles using the exact movement in which they are used during your swing.

Muscle groups conditioned in this speed training program include the lateral rotators of the hips. These are among the strongest muscles in the body. Yet they are still found to be developed far below their potential in most athletes. With weak lateral hip rotators, your bat speed will not be as fast as it could be and your hitting power and ability to catch up to fastballs will be significantly affected.

Once the hips start rotating, the swing continues with the rotation of the spine – powered by the lateral rotators of the spine muscles.

Once the spine and shoulders start to rotate, a pulling motion of both arms takes place. The primary muscles involved in moving the arms include the muscles in the chest, shoulders, and back, plus muscles in the upper arms, forearms, and wrists.

The exercises in the Swing Faster Training program target each of these muscle groups used in the baseball and softball swing. It does not, however, condition the muscles individually or isolated from other muscles as typically occurs when strength training with weights. The muscle groups are conditioned together in the same motion as they are used when swinging a bat.

In addition to conditioning the muscle groups for speed, this isometric workout strategy can help program muscle memory and exact swinging motion, all while reducing the timing the muscles need to perform during the baseball swing – resulting in additional swing speed and power gains.

By doing the isometric exercises the way they are outlined in the speed training manual, your muscles will feel firmer and stronger, and you will be primarily conditioning the fast-twitch muscle fibers in these muscles to contract quickly and powerfully, resulting in dramatic improvements in your baseball bat speed and your hitting ability.

The package is complete and the results come quickly.

Even if you are currently in mid-season you will start seeing results in your hitting and bat speed within days.

You can be the one who makes the big difference in your next game!

Coaches take note – Get your team on the program and have your entire lineup hitting stronger, throwing harder and moving faster on the bases and in the field – even if you are currently in mid-season.

Our speed training manual includes exercises for Throwing and Pitching Speed as well as Sprint Speed.

No matter what position you play; pitcher, infielder, outfielder or catcher, faster throwing speed will improve your performance and get you noticed.

With our speed training program, you receive the same running speed exercises used by track sprinters helping you to get down the line faster to first base, beat out more infield singles, turn more singles into doubles, steal more bases, chase down more fly balls in the outfield, and get to more grounders quicker in the infield.

Everything you Need for Baseball Hitting, Throwing and Running Speed!
baseball speed program
Order Baseball Speed Program

The Baseball Swing Faster Training Is Now Available in Digital Format for Immediate Download After Ordering!

You Get: the PDF of training manual, developed by muscle speed expert Dr. Larry Van Such, which includes:

  • Download the training manual straight to your computer or read it online. Complete with instructions, diagrams, and photographs for each of the exercises. Each exercise targets one of the several muscle groups used in the swinging motion, including hip and spine rotation, and the muscles of the back, shoulders, chest, arms and forearms.
  • Additional exercises target the muscles used for throwing and pitching as well as the lower body muscles used in running, including the all-important and mostly overlooked hip flexor muscles. A total of 20 Exercises.
  • Eight pages of photographs and explanations that break down the mechanics and movements of the ideal baseball swing step by step.
  • Come back to the online training area as often as you like and as long as you like
  • Other material in the manual including: Identifying and illustrating the muscles involved in each exercise,
    Daily and weekly exercise schedule,
    Charts to measure your speed progress,
    Other tips for using the program.

You Get: Videos – 20 Baseball Speed Training Exercises on video:

  • Download the exercise videos straight to your computer or watch them online. Get all the exercise instructional videos showing exactly how to do each exercise.

You GET! 2 Bonus Videos! 

  • Afterburner Video! This video will show you how to look for weak areas in your training to get even more speed gains.
  • Increase Resistance Video!  This video will show you how to increase resistance in the exercises very easily as you start to progress throughout the program.

You also get!

  • full access to our customer support team. Email them anytime (support@athleticquickness.com) with any questions you have about the speed training program or the isometric workouts, and they will gladly and promptly give you the best answers possible. You also have available to you, if needed, the expertise of muscle speed expert Dr. Larry Van Such, the developer of the training techniques used in this manual.

Order your program now while it is still available at this price. You will not find this athletic training program offered in any store.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy, for any reason whatsoever, you get a full 100% refund anytime up to 60 days, no questions asked. That’s how confident we are about this program. If you do the exercises as prescribed you can’t help but get faster. To initiate a return, contact: Support@AthleticQuickness.com.

Full Customer Support

If you have any questions our support staff is here to answer them. We respond to all questions and inquiries. Use the contact page on this site or email us anytime if you have any questions.

Athletes need a variety of training techniques to reach their full athletic potential

Athletes need training for strength, endurance, coordination, proper technique, skill development, and speed.

The AthleticQuickness.com speed training program should be included as a necessary part of every player’s training program for the purpose of increasing speed.

By adding these speed workouts to their training the athlete’s muscles will get a more thorough and complete workout than what they have ever experienced in the past. The net result will be dramatic increases in speed and better performance.

Why this program makes a huge difference:
  • The dynamically changing resistance levels of the band during isometric training conditions muscles, tendons and the nervous system in ways they have never experienced before and in ways that can not be attained using other training methods.
  • Many large and important muscles are under trained at every level, even at the professional level. This program targets, strengthens and quickens those under muscles from multiple angles so the muscles and the nervous system become more completely conditioned for speed, perhaps for the first time.
  • In almost all training programs the small, yet strong and important, muscles that control the hip joint are ignored even though the hip joint is the most used and important joint in running, swinging and kicking sports. This program isolates, quickens and strengthens those hard to reach muscles which makes a huge difference in any sport that requires quick or power reactions in the hips.

This is why athletes and players using this training see dramatic results very quickly, even if they have already been doing other types of training for some time.

Why People Like Using This Training Program

Conditions Muscles For Speed

Adding these workouts to an athletes training has been shown to condition muscles for speed in ways that other workouts are not capable of doing. Doing these exercises either alone or with other training exposes untapped muscular energy that dramatically improves speed and quickly develops better players.

Results Come Quickly

Experience has shown that nearly all athletes and players that start using this training see dramatic results in their performance very quickly, even in mid-season.

Helps Anyone Get Faster

Because of the nature of these exercises, they work for all ages and fitness levels. They are used by Professional athletes, College and High School champions as well as beginner youth as young as 8 years of age and up – and anyone in between.They can be done practically anywhere and anytime, require no special equipment, and take only 15 minutes a day.

Being Used by Thousands

Thousands of athletes in countries across the globe are using these speed training exercises with overwhelming success. They’re smashing their own personal records and getting closer to their athletic dreams.

You Get Full Customer Support

If you have any questions our support staff is here to answer them. We respond to all questions and inquiries. Use the contact page on this site or email us anytime if you have any questions.

So act today and propel yourself forward in your sport in days – even if you are now in midseason.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be out hitting, out throwing and outrunning your opponents.

What will happen if you decide to do nothing? That’s right, nothing will change and your baseball speed will not be improved.

Order this program now to absolutely get more out of your game by strengthening and quickening your muscles and nervous system for speed and quickness, perhaps for the first time, to:

  • Deliver more powerful hits more often.
  • Throw harder and farther.
  • Sprint faster on the base paths and in the field.
  • Feel better, look better and enjoy the game even more.

Extra Bat Speed and Power is Simply Awesome

“Although I live in the UK and don’t play baseball, I bought the Swing Faster Training Program with a view of mainly increasing my bat speed in the sport of cricket and racquet sports that I play recreationally. I followed the training program and already felt more “powerful” in the muscles that I had been training in the first few days.

When I eventually started practicing my batting, I noticed that when defending, I could wait on the ball much later without any risk of being beaten by the sheer speed of the pitcher (and believe me, he is QUICK!). However, when attacking, the amount of extra bat speed and raw power going into my shots was simply awesome and I’m now slowly learning how to control this.

Another interesting thing I noticed as a result of using this training program, was that I could now play extremely powerful drives and “loop” shots in table tennis, and smash a lot harder and flatter in racquet sports.

I would definitely recommend this program!”

M. Rizwan – U.K.

Hits 5 Home Runs during Season

“Hi, I purchased your baseball program at the beginning of last years season. I must say that everything you said did come true. I was able to hit 5 HRs on the season, when I never have done that before. Thanks for that. You don’t know how much that does for my confidence.”

Orlanda M. – Chicago, IL

2nd String Sub Becomes All State Baseball Champion

State Champion Credits AthleticQuickness For Success

“As a high school sophomore I batted 9th sparingly and was mainly used as a defensive substitute.

I was not fast enough or strong enough to compete against varsity level competition.

I needed something else I could incorporate with my workout routine that would really focus on the key muscles used for baseball.

I had heard of AQSpeed from people at various baseball showcases around the country, so I was willing to give it a try.

I stated seeing results instantly.”

Mick worked out using the Swing Faster, Throw Harder, and Run Quicker baseball speed training program multiple times every week during the off season of his junior and senior years.

During his senior year his coach moved him to the cleanup position and the team advanced to the regional tournament. In the tournament they played 18 games against the toughest competition in the state.

Mick was the only player to play every inning of those 18 games and never struck out. He lead the tournament in RBI’s, was awarded all-state honors and a visit to the state championship game, which they won 1-0.

He reports: “I was able to accomplish what I wanted to in my playing career. My senior year I was named to multiple Iowa All-State Teams. I was named First Team All-Conference, First Team All-District, and First Team Quad City Metro Area. My team and I reached the State Championship again my senior year, this time winning it all. “

Mick Baker – Iowa

  • First Team All-District
  • First Team All-Conference
  • Named to multiple Iowa All-State Teams
  • State Tournament RBI Leader
  • Batted .377 with an on base percentage of.455
  • 5’8″ – 165lbs – batting 4th on state champion team

Dramatically increase baseball swing speed, throwing speed and running speed starting in days!
baseball speed program
Increase you bat speed, throwing speed and runnning speed in baseball