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Hip Muscles Exercises

Baseball Swing Speed Exercise
Baseball Swing Speed Exercises

Attention baseball players who want more hits, more homeruns and fewer strike outs… Does your hitting coach have you training your superior and inferior gemellus muscles? These two tiny little muscles located in the posterior hip region hold the key to your baseball swing speed and hitting power! That’s right.  You may think you are improving your baseball swing speed, but if you aren’t training these two little hip muscles and seven others collectively known as the lateral or external rotators of the hip, then your bat speed, hitting distance, and, yes, even your pitching & throwing speed will be… read more

glute muscles used in sports
Condition Glutes for all Sports Activities

The Glutes – How to get the advantage in a game situation!   The Glutes are often conditioned for pushing and jumping, yet they are mostly under-developed for pulling. If you haven’t figured it out by now, I’m a huge fan of what the hip flexor muscles can do for any athlete desiring speed, power and instant playmaking ability. I am also convinced beyond a shadow of a doubt that many athletes unwittingly ignore the power stored up in this muscle group and can go through their entire playing careers never reaching their absolute best. All you need to do… read more

running steps
Running Steps – A Good Workout or Not?

Is Running Steps a Good Idea, or a Bad Idea? An interesting question ….. I love to run steps whenever I get the opportunity.  Years ago when I was in my early 20’s, I was living with my sister and brother-in-law in their condominium in Pompano Beach, Florida. The building we were living in at the time had upwards of 20 floors. This meant the fire escape stairwell had 40 flights of zig-zagged steps, with each flight containing about 10 steps. In Florida, this meant that the non air-conditioned fire escape was extremely warm and got hotter the higher you… read more

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