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How NFL Cornerback Sprints Fastest 40 in One Week


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NFL Cornerback, Mark Parson, trained hard for months using workouts provided by coaches and trainers yet his 40 time never improved.

He Tries the AthleticQuickness.com Run Faster Program and easily beats his Personal Best in the 40 in one week!

Mark Parson – NFL Cornerback


“I was searching the internet in my hotel room to find the extra edge in speed”, NFL cornerback Mark Parson reports. “When I saw the AthleticQuickness.com website, I was amazed at all the information that Dr. Van Such provided, because most trainers do not provide the ‘why’ and ‘how’ specifics of each exercise like he does, and it made me more interested and I wanted to try his program.

Within the first week I could tell a difference

I took a leap of faith (only like $30 lol) and purchased his Run Faster Program and within the first week I could tell a difference before even stepping on the field to run.

My legs felt lighter, and my hip flexors, hamstrings and glutes were extremely stronger!

Trainer notices big difference – He can’t comprehend it

I started my training with my personal trainer and he noticed something different with my turnover while I ran. He said something was different, mind you I only had been doing this Run Faster Program for about a week, and I forgot to mention the program only consists of a 15 minute workout each day.

He didn’t understand how I could improve so fast, and to be honest neither did I. So the next day he surprised me and pulled out his stop watch and wanted to time me and the other NFL athletes.

I ran my fastest 40 ever!

I have never been a blazer, and I had always struggled with my top-end speed. I have always been quick but my top-end speed was never great. I ran the 40 and it felt different. In the past I had to strain to run it, but not this time.

I ran the fastest 40 I have ever run in my life!

I ran a 4.44 and I felt like I could do better with more training. This amazed me and made me wish that I started Dr. Van Such’s program in high school or at least college.

I missed my first pro chance because of lack of speed

My draft year was 2009 and I was predicted to get drafted as low as the 4th round by scouts and some coaches. I went on NFL visits to several teams, including the Detroit Lions, the Colts and the Texans. They all told me this one thing that they were waiting to see. They all were waiting on my 40 time.

This is what I tell everybody who plays football, and asks me for advice: If you can run a fast 40, you have a shot to make it. Speed KILLS and I worked out as hard as I could but there was something that I was lacking and to make a long story short, I did not run a fast 40 yard dash.

I ran a mid 4.5 at my Pro Day and dropped off every team’s draft board. We are talking ultimately missing out on MILLIONS of dollars, when now I know exactly how I could have changed my life if I would have known this information that you just possibly stumbled across just like I did in my hotel room as a Houston Texan.

I ended up getting another shot in a try-out and I made the team and played 3 years for the Houston Texans, and New Orleans Saints.

Speed: The one thing that will give you a shot

The point of my story is if anybody wants to make it to the next level or at least have a shot, I can tell you something that will help you have a better chance.

I want to help as many people who were the under-dogs and have skill but are lacking that one thing that will make you a star. SPEED!!!

This is the one program that I had other Houston Texan players on and I recommended it to all my NFL buddies as well and they all say the same thing which is “where in the world did you find this bro?”

I tell them that I just stumbled across it on the internet. They still use it to this day.

I was always told that speed is something that you are born with and that you either have it or you don’t. My experience proves that to be a myth.”

– Mark Parson
Cornerback Houston Texans, New Orleans Saints


Other NFL players are getting faster with
AthleticQuickness.com speed training

nfl-programNFL Receiver Recommends the Run Faster Program

This program is the best way to get fast results in speed improvement that I have seen. After only two days of the 15 minute exercises I could feel a difference. I recommend it to anyone looking to run faster.”

Taylor Price
Wide Receiver
New England Patriots
Jacksonville Jaguars



“The Run Faster Program is a great speed training program that anyone can do. The knowledge that I learned from the information will also help me in my future as a coach and trainer.”

Thad Turner
Indianapolis Colts
New England Patriots



Former NFL Receiver: “Easiest Way To Improve Speed”

“I was healing from an injury that I received in St. Louis Rams practice, and my friend Mark Parson contacted me talking about a program that can get you faster in a couple weeks, so since I couldn’t even run yet I kind of brushed him off, but I thought about it and looked the information up.

I had never heard of Isometric training or this program and I have been working out for years with different trainers.

My ankle was healed up and it was time to get my speed up so I called Mark to send me the link to purchase the Run Faster Program and I started it along with my ankle rehab before practice.

This has to be the easiest way to improve your speed that I have ever seen.  I was skeptical at first but when I saw Mark’s results and I didn’t have anything to lose, I just gave it a shot and it worked.

I currently play for the AFL with the Georgia Speed.  I still use it and I will have my kids in the future use it.  It is pure Genius, so I would like to thank Mark for showing me his results and Athletic Quickness for making this, because a lot of people are looking for something like this.

15 minutes a day in 14 days???  Are you kidding me?

An athlete would be crazy not to include this into his/her training regimen.  If professionals are using it, then how much more would youth, high school and college kids need to be using it?”

Brandon Mcrae
St. Louis Rams
Georgia Speed
Miss. State (SEC)


“The Run Faster Program works!  Gotta have speed to make it in today’s game.”

TJ Wright
Cincinnati Bengals


The Program They Use To Get Faster

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NFL Cornerback Sprints Fastest 40 Ever!

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NFL Cornerback Runs Fastest 40 After One Week of Training

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