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Revolutionary Speed Training Techniques for Today’s Players.

Best Tennis Exercises For Stronger Serves, Forehands, Backhands And Court Quickness
Condition the specific muscles that generate racket speed and quickness in all your tennis strokes and footwork.

Imagine how good you will feel after consistently driving perfect forehand and backhand shots from all parts of the court and then, still feeling strong, knowing you can get to the ball quickly, setup and deliver a crushing shot to the far corner or down the line!

And to top it off, confidently deliver your fastest serves ever.

What a great feeling to hit a ball perfectly in the sweet spot of the racket and drive it to the far corner of the court, well out of reach of your opponent.

Revolutionary Tennis Exercise Program Develops New Levels of Racket Speed and Court Quickness

I want to introduce you to a revolutionary exercise program that has developed new levels of speed and quickness for thousands of athletes and will absolutely improve your game –- even help make you a powerhouse on the court if that is your goal.

You see, like any sport, proper conditioning makes all the difference. What most people do not realize is that there are three aspects to well-rounded conditioning: endurance, strength and speed.

People train for endurance by running distances or training for long periods of time. Strength is usually increased by lifting heavy weights.

Proper Training for Speed is Often Ignored
tennis speed

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But, what about making your muscles faster? Training for speed is usually ignored – even in tennis lessons. This is because we have not been taught how to properly train to make our muscles react faster and quicker. As a result, many have been disappointed in their attempts to hit harder and move quicker.

When it comes to tennis, speed counts. Your tennis serve, forehand and backhand strokes will generate power based on how fast you swing the racket. It’s as simple as that.

And the quicker you are on your feet, the more balls you will get to, and you will get positioned to set up faster and more often.

Look at all the great tennis players over the years. They are fast and quick on their feet, and their racket speed is what delivers their powerful strokes.

This simple Tennis Exercise program I am about to show you will develop the kind of speed and quickness that most tennis players only dream of.

And, unlike other types of conditioning, the exercises it will teach you will be quick and easy to do and take just a few minutes a day.

Now you may be thinking that speed is something that you are born with and can’t be developed. So how can we make this claim?

tennis speed

Only $19.95!
PDF Download Immediately After Purchase

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Condition your Tennis Muscles Specifically for Speed

Even if you have been playing for years and work out regularly, you will probably realize that though you may be stronger and have more endurance, you are still not much faster now than you were previously. 

That is because you have been ignoring the specific fibers in your muscles that generate explosive speed and quickness. These fibers cannot be conditioned using traditional methods of strength training. In fact, that could actually make you slower.

The Best Strategy for Faster Muscle Speed

What we have found is that muscle speed is best developed using a strategy of isometric exercises with resistance bands

Now we know that isometrics has been around for a long time, and dramatic results have been achieved using this technique, but because of the many new training methods that have been introduced over the past several years, isometrics has been largely ignored.

However, we have found that isometrics, the way we teach it using the resistance band, is the ideal method to develop blazing speed and quickness in tennis and in any other sport.

The result will be a major improvement in how you play the game of tennis. Incredible results have been achieved when muscles are properly conditioned for speed.

The numerous testimonies of dramatic increases in speed we receive from many athletes and recreational players alike support our scientific research about how muscles work and how they are designed to produce both speed and strength and why muscles cannot be trained for speed the same way they are trained for strength.

After years of success training athletes to improve their running speed and quickness, we have now applied this training to the sport of tennis, so that the specific muscles used in the tennis serve, backhand, forehand, and footwork are isolated and trained for lightning-like speed and quickness.

As a result of using these tennis exercises, you will:

  • Serve with greater speed, scoring more points, and getting more aces.
  • Return balls harder – putting them out of reach of your opponent
  • Drive more balls to the far corner from anywhere on the court.
  • Return balls that, in the past, have been just outside your reach.
  • Deliver crushing backhand returns, both one handed and two handed backhands.
  • Make your opponent chase more balls.
  • Deliver strong returns, both forehand and backhand, even when playing deep.
  • Smash low drives just over the net.
  • Make strong cross-court returns, even if off balance.
  • Approach the net faster.
  • Have more confidence on the court.
  • Feel stronger and not tire as quickly.
  • Astonish your friends and other players.
  • Get to more balls quicker and setup for the shot.
  • Look more fit and energetic on the court.
  • Move more easily about the entire court.
  • Play more often with greater enjoyment.
  • Enjoy a more fit and healthy lifestyle.

Gets to the Net Quicker, Strokes and Serves are Stronger and Faster!

“I purchased the program for tennis after 15 years away from the game. I was always quick on the court and now after 2 months I find myself getting to the net before the ball crosses, also my groundstrokes, backhand and forehand, are stronger and faster. My serve has also increased in speed and power.

Anyone looking to enhance their performance needs to seriously consider this program. Thanks, athletic quickness.”

Spencer Taylor, Jr. – Maryland

Players Now Get to More Balls and Setup Quicker

“Dear Dr. Van Such, I have been really impressed with the results of the foot speed portion of the program used thus far by our tennis team. I have seen an increase in team speed. Where our beginning time averaged about 5.3 for the forty yard dash, after three weeks of using the training program, the average speed moved to 5.1.

Also, the first step, which is very critical in a tough match, has improved dramatically. I see players getting to more balls and setting up for shots more quickly.”

H. Foster,
Head Coach, Men’s Tennis, Wright State University
Dayton, Ohio

You will not Find a Quicker, Simpler and More Effective way to Maximize your Tennis Racket speed and Improve Your Tennis Game.

Now we all know that there are all kinds of tennis drills, practice equipment, tennis training programs and theories about how to improve your tennis strokes and your game. And that’s fine, of course, because proper technique and practice are crucial to winning.

But when it comes to getting a faster and quicker tennis stroke, everyone has a different technique or theory. But what they have not considered is this:

Speed and quickness are not the same as strength and endurance, and you won’t achieve great speed with training based on commonly used strength and endurance techniques.

Speed is not determined by how strong your muscles are, that is by how much weight they can lift, but by how quickly they react and contract. And speed and quickness of your muscles is accomplished by properly conditioning what are called your fast twitch muscles fibers.

Fast Twitch Muscle Fibers for Speed Are Ignored

You see, most tennis training programs are not designed to or are capable of conditioning your fast twitch muscles fibers for explosive racket speed and court quickness.

That’s because strength training will cause these fibers to ignore their natural ability to contract instantly. In fact, once you start to exercise these specific muscle fibers, the way we teach it, you will likely discover that up until now they have been underdeveloped.

If you think you have fast racket speed now, just wait until you unlock the speed that fast twitch muscle fibers are capable of!

As you start slamming returns past your opponent, get ready to start answering the question “What have you been eating for breakfast?”

The secret to more explosive power in your tennis backhand, forehand, serve, and foot speed found in this remarkable exercise program is that it specifically targets the fast twitch muscle fibers to do 2 things.

  • Condition your muscles to contract with amazing speed and quickness, and
  • Develop ‘muscle memory’ in your neuropathways so your reactions are automatic and instinctive.

And, it does all this in a simple, easy to follow routine that anyone can do, practically anywhere and anytime in just a few minutes a day, without special equipment.

And because fast twitch muscles fibers respond to conditioning much faster and easier than strength (or slow twitch) fibers, you will feel lighter and faster and start experiencing astonishing power in all your tennis strokes and your court quickness in just a few days.

Be forewarned that your opponents may be so shocked by the speed of your returns and by how much lighter and quicker you are on your feet, you may have to give them a break just to catch their breath!

Works For All Ages & Fitness Levels

This isometric tennis exercise program uses the dynamic elastic properties of resistance bands, which are included with the exercise manual, and will train your muscles for speed and quickness like never before.

You will see results in days, just by following the included tennis exercise instructions for a just few minutes each day.

The exercises can be done simply, safely and effectively at your convenience, practically anywhere and anytime.

And because the resistance level applied by the bands is determined by the strength of the individual, these tennis exercises can be successfully used by practically anyone, of any age, and any fitness level.

Whether youth, high school, college, beginner, intermediate or advanced, men or ladies from 2.0 to 6.0 – it does not matter what your age or experience level.

This tennis training program will bring results to everyone, and they are safe and easy to do, require no special equipment and can be done almost anywhere and anytime.

Just follow the program detailed in the  Tennis Training Exercise Manual, using the specially selected resistance bands supplied with the manual and you will significantly improve your tennis game.

We guarantee results. If you are not satisfied with the product return it within 1 year for a full refund. No questions asked.

Target and Isolate Specific Muscles for Tennis

Not only will this program target your specific muscle fibers that generate speed, they will also isolate the exact muscles that are crucial for all aspects of the tennis game.

The program conditions for speed the muscles used in all of the following:

  • One handed forehand
  • Two handed forehand
  • One handed backhand
  • Two handed backhand
  • Tennis Serve Muscles
  • Speed to get to the ball or net quickly
  • Lateral or side-to-side movement to get positioned and set up quickly

Over 25 different muscles in all, each specifically targeted for powerful Tennis strokes and quick footwork.

These Easy to Do Exercises Are Not Strenuous, Time Consuming or Intensive like Strength or Endurance Training
They Take Only a few minutes and You Can Do Them Anywhere

Proper speed training, the way we teach it, takes only a few minutes a day and should leave you looking and feeling stronger, yet light and responsive… not tired, slow or sluggish as in strength or plyometrics training.

Even if you are currently in mid-tennis season, you will start seeing results in your game within days.


Everything you Need for Stronger Serves, Forehands and Bankhands and Court Quickness

tennis speed

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The Tennis Speed Training Program
Developed by Muscle Speed Exert Dr. Larry Van Such
  • The Tennis training exercise manual, complete with illustrations, photographs, and clear instructions for each of the 20 exercises designed to develop speed in your tennis muscles.
    • 6 exercises for the muscles of the legs and lower body to generate court quickness and add power to your shots.
    • 2 exercises for hip rotation speed for stronger forehands and backhands.
    • 9 exercise for the arms and shoulders for greater racket speed for forehands and backhands.
    • 3 exercises for the shoulders and arms for greater speed in in your serves.
  • Other material in the manual identifying and illustrating the muscles involved in each exercise, daily exercise charts, charts to measure your progress, and tips for using the program.
  • Several Free Bonuses
These exercises will not make your muscles big and bulky. They will, however, make them firm and fast.

You will not only play well, you will look good also.

You could expect to pay hundreds of dollars for all of the training you will receive in this package.

Incredibly, this program is offered at the same price we charge for other programs that only improve running speed.

But you are getting the lower body speed exercises plus all of the upper body tennis exercises in the same package.

Order your program now while it is still available at this incredibly low price.

You will not find this training program offered in any store.

100% Money Back Guarantee

That’s how confident we are about this program. If you do the exercises as prescribed you can’t help but get faster.

Full Customer Support

If you have any questions our support staff is here to answer them. We respond to all questions and inquiries. Use the contact page on this site or email us anytime if you have any questions.

There is really no risk on your part.

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be enjoying your tennis game more than ever.

What will happen if you decide to do nothing? That’s right, nothing will change and your tennis racket speed and foot speed will not be improved.

Order this program now to absolutely get more out of your tennis game by developing a fast twitch muscle response, perhaps for the first time, to

  • Deliver more powerful tennis forehands, backhands and serves.
  • Approach the net faster and get to more balls quicker.
  • Dominate your game with speed, quickness and lightning-like reactions.
  • Feel better, look better and enjoy the game even more.

Stronger Backhand and Serve plus Quicker to the Ball!

“Have been using your product for some time and would certainly recommend it to anyone. Have greatly noticed increased strength and performance particularly on my backhand and my serve, plus half a yard quicker getting to the ball.”

Brian B. – U.K.

Hit Stronger Serves, Forehands and Backhands, Get to the Ball and Net Quicker and Enjoy Winning More Games – Within Days!

tennis speed

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Tennis Speed Program