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Exercises to Improve Golf Swing Power

The golf swing exercises in the Drive Longer program will improve golf swing power and give you longer drives.

Remember your longest drive?
Imagine easily beating your best drive. And imagine doing it consistently.

What’s the secret to hitting longer drives?; Well, quite simply it is a matter of club head speed – and club head speed is ultimately determined by how quickly your muscles respond and contract. Pure strength may make you stronger, but it won’t maximize your speed.

Remember your physics class: Force = Mass times Acceleration. What that means is that the faster you can accelerate your golf swing, the more force will be applied to the ball, and the farther it will travel. It is simple math, and it works every time.

What are the best exercises to improve your golf swing power?

You have before you the most highly effective and easy to use golf swing speed exercises available on the market today.

How easy? The exercises take just 15 minutes a day, 4 days a week and you can do them anywhere, including in your home.

After just 2 weeks, you will start driving the ball farther than ever before.

Why it works: Your muscles consist of basically two types of fibers – Fast and Slow. The slow twitch fibers are responsible for strength and repetition of movement. The fast twitch muscle fibers are responsible for the speed of muscular contraction, the ability of a muscle to rapidly contract to a specific distance over a short period of time.

By developing your fast twitch muscle fibers, perhaps now for the first time, you will quickly increase the contraction velocity of the muscles in your back, shoulders, hips, arms, and wrists – the result will always be greater golf swing power and longer drives and shots.

The results you will get cannot be achieved with strength or endurance training, that is, with weights or repetitions. It will never be obtained with brute strength. Being stronger does not mean being faster.

High levels of muscle speed are only achieved when your muscles and nervous system have developed the memory and speed to go from a state of relaxation to a state of immediate contraction over a predetermined distance.


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Today, every successful athlete knows they can’t just practice their sport; they must also train and condition their muscles to improve in their sport specific activity.

Isometric training, the way we teach it, using the type of resistance bands we recommend is the secret to quickly conditioning and developing the fast twitch muscle fibers in your arms, shoulders, wrists and back thus increasing your driving distance starting in only a few days or sooner. Additional exercises target the hips and lower body for greater stability and even more yardage in your drives and shots.

Yes, results come quickly, especially if you have not yet experienced these exercises.

Hits Event Record 421-yard drive to Qualify for Remax World Long Drive Championships

Professional Golfer Jaacob Bowden clocks 155mph club head speed and record 421 yard drive.

“The martial artist Bruce Lee is known for being pound-for-pound one of the fastest and quickest athletes the world has ever seen.

Through my research, I found out that isometrics were a big part of his training regimen.

As I was looking for ways to increase my own golf swing speed, I decided to implement isometrics into my long drive training using the very same bands you can get here at athleticquickness.com.

The results were phenomenal! Using the bands to complement my other training techniques, I increased my maximum clubhead speed to 155 mph and hit an event-record 421-yard drive to win a qualifier for the Remax World Long Drive Championships.

Consequently, we now advocate the use of isometrics training with resistance bands as a part of our overall swing speed training programs at Swing Man Golf.

Isometrics with resistance bands for higher swing speeds and longer drives really do work!.”

Jaacob Bowden
Professional Golfer and Long Drive Champion

Adds 30 Yards to Golf Driving Distance!

“THANK YOU!!! I am very impressed and grateful to your isometric resistance exercise program.

I have been working out with weights in the gym for the past 17 years and I am very strong and fit.

I have now been doing the isometric resistance exercise for 4 months.

I am glad to say that it has helped me to increase my golf driving distance from 200 yards to 230 yards consistently. Occasionally I hit the ball up to 260 yards.

I am now very enthusiastic and determine to gain as much benefits from your exercise program as possible.”

E. Lee – Singapore

Adds 12mph to Swing Speed in Two Weeks!

“I usually never write to companies but I had to report my success with utilizing your isometric band system for longer golf drives.

As of two weeks ago my drives were clocked an average of 107mph with the fastest swing speed of 111 – after following your program for two weeks my golf swing speed was just clocked at the range using a doppler radar at a consistent average of 115mph with a high of 119mph – Amazing!!

I’m going back on to the training and wanted to say thank you for the results of your product (system) – it is simply the best.”

G. Williams – PA

To improve golf swing power and smash longer drives, no other golf exercises are easier or more effective than isometrics using resistance bands!

Our isometric golf swing exercises are specifically designed to target all the correct muscles used in the golf swing and develop the muscle fiber types that are responsible for speed, quickness, and power.

You will add significant yardage to your drives and shots after following the program for just a couple weeks – 15 minutes a day, 4 days a week.

You will reach the green much easier, and improve your golf score. You will have more confidence to drive over hazards, rather than laying up short.


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Maybe you just want to show off at the driving range

Careful, You may start slamming the ball over the fence way down the other end of the driving range. Get ready to start answering the question ‘What have you been eating?’

By targeting the exact muscles needed to improve golf swing power with proven muscle speed exercises, you will experience a significant improvement in the distance of your golf shots, no matter who you are or how far you are now hitting the ball.

What about accuracy? Just keep practicing and you will adjust to the increased clubhead speed that you are generating. That’s what athletes have discovered, they can increase the speed and power of their athletic skills and still maintain and even improve their control and precision.

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Easy to do and works for anyone of any fitness level

Because of the nature of isometric exercises, the techniques used in this program are appropriate for any level of experience; professional, college, high school, youth, beginner men and ladies at every level of play.

Every age and fitness level will experience a noticeable improvement in their driving ability.

Plus these golf exercises can be done almost anywhere and anytime. They are easy to do, require no special equipment and are highly effective. You will not even break a sweat.

Everything you need is included in this package.

The DRIVE LONGER exercise manual consists of over 35 pages of material, photographs and drawings that show you precisely how to exercise the specific arm, shoulder, wrist, grip and back muscles used in swinging the golf club, as well as the hip and lower body muscles for stability and strength.

The key will be the conditioning of the fast twitch muscle fibers that produce speed, power, and quickness.

You will find that these golf exercises:
  • Are easy to do… even if you have not exercised in years.
  • Can be done at home or anywhere else (No special equipment is needed).
  • Take just a few minutes a day – like maybe 15 minutes.
  • Will give you noticable results in your shot distance in just a few days… even if you are already strong or fit.
  • Will have you feeling and looking more energetic and more fit – others will take notice.
  • Are appropriate and effective for all ages, fitness levels and experience, for both men and ladies. It does not matter who you are or how well you play.
  • Will condition for greater speed the specific muscles used in the golf swing.
  • Will give you greater swing power and control for longer drives and shots even if you already have the longest drives.

Included with the exercise program are the specially selected resistance bands used for strengthening the muscle fibers that are responsible for fast and explosive reactions.

There is no other equipment needed, and all of the golf exercises can be performed almost anywhere and at anytime. Faithfully follow the program and you will drive longer!

Everything You Need to Improve Golf Swing Power and Hit Longer Drives!


The Drive Longer Golf Exercises, developed by muscle speed expert Dr. Larry Van Such

Now Available in Digital Format for Immediate Download After Ordering!

You GET!  The Golf Swing Speed Training Exercise Manual in PDF format, developed by muscle speed expert Dr. Larry Van Such.  This can be downloaded straight to your computer as well as viewed online.  It includes:

  • Complete with instructions, diagrams, and photographs for each of the exercises. Each exercise targets one of the several muscle groups used in the golf swing, including hip and spine rotation, and the muscles of the back, shoulders, chest, arms, and forearms.
  • Additional exercises target the muscles of the lower body including the all-important and mostly overlooked hip flexor muscles. A total of 18 Exercises.
  • Read, download, save or print all the training material to your computer.
  • Come back to the online training area as often as you like and as long as you like.
  • Other material in the manual, including Identifying and illustrating the muscles involved in each exercise,
    Daily and weekly exercise schedule,
    Charts to measure your driving distance gains,
    Other training tips for using the program.
You GET! Videos – 18 Videos of each of the exercises in the Golf Swing Speed Training Program!
  • Immediately after placing your order you also will be able to download the exercise instructional videos right to your computer or watch them online.

You GET! Bonus Video! 

  • Increase Resistance Video!  This video will show you how to increase resistance in the exercises very easily as you start to progress throughout the program.

Plus, You Also GET!

  • Full access to our customer support team. Email them anytime (support@athleticquickness.com) with any questions you have about the speed training program or the isometric workouts, and they will gladly and promptly give you the best answers possible. You also have available to you, if needed, the expertise of muscle speed expert Dr. Larry Van Such, the developer of the training techniques used in this manual.

Order your program now. You will not find this athletic training program in any store.

This training only takes a few minutes and should leave you feeling stronger, yet light and responsive… not tired, slow or sluggish as in strength training.

Even if you are currently in mid golf season, you will start seeing results in your golf game within days.


100% Money Back Guarantee

If you are not happy, for any reason whatsoever, you get a full 100% refund anytime up to 60 days, no questions asked. That’s how confident we are about this program. If you do the exercises as prescribed you can’t help but get faster. To initiate a return, contact: Support@AthleticQuickness.com

Full Customer Support

If you have any questions our support staff is here to answer them. We respond to all questions and inquiries. Use the contact page on this site or email us anytime if you have any questions.


There is really no risk on your part.

What will happen if you procrastinate or do nothing? That’s right, you will still be under-performing your golf potential… When you could be beating your personal bests in both driving and shot distance in just 2 weeks.

Why People Like Using This Training Program

Conditions Muscles For Speed

Adding these workouts to an athletes training has been shown to condition muscles for speed in ways that other workouts are not capable of doing. Doing these exercises either alone or with other training exposes untapped muscular energy that dramatically improves speed and quickly develops better players.

Results Come Quickly

Experience has shown that nearly all athletes and players that start using this training see dramatic results in their performance very quickly, even in mid-season.

Helps Anyone Get Faster

Because of the nature of these exercises, they work for all ages and fitness levels. They are used by Professional athletes, College and High School champions as well as beginner youth as young as 8 years of age and up – and anyone in between.They can be done practically anywhere and anytime, require no special equipment, and take only 15 minutes a day.

Being Used by Thousands

Thousands of athletes in countries across the globe are using these speed training exercises with overwhelming success. They’re smashing their own personal records and getting closer to their athletic dreams.

Long Drive Competitor Clocks All-Time Best 160 mph Clubhead Speed

Warren Bankston is all smiles after recording a personal best club speed

Dr. Van Such, For some years, I’ve been using your Golf Program and have gotten great results.

I compete in the RE/MAX long drive competitions, and I feel I have a real shot at making the world finals this year.

Here’s a photo of the swing speed radar I use showing a recent all-time best, thanks to your program.

I believe the additional exercises you’ve shared with me will be a great addition and provide an additional 5-7 mph that I feel I’m leaving on the table.

Your program is the best! As a scientist by training, I appreciate this program because it’s not just a theory, it actually works!

Again, thanks for the brilliant program and the incredible successes it brings.

Warren Bankston
RE/MAX world long drive Regional Championship

Golf Long-Ball Professional After Switching from Weights to AQSpeed Training: “What an Amazing Transformation!”

“In the past I have been lifting weights and though ‘looked’ stronger, in actual fact I struggled with my golf swing and distance.

Though I did finish 3rd in the long ball driving championships in Canada (in my age group) I felt I had not reached my potential. I continued to bulk lift and get stronger but realized my distance was not improving. I had to look for something else.

I read about your isometrics program and I have been religiously using your DRIVE LONGER training guide daily, and know first-hand that I am beginning to feel well…different. I went to our golf dome a couple of days ago, warmed up, had a Doppler radar velocity sensor that measures the swing speed of the club head and distance.

To my amazement, Dr. VanSuch, my club head speed was clocked at 124. Last year my maximum speed was 110-113. Distance rated last year was 328-335. Distance this year 348-355 yards.

What an amazing transformation. I am really looking forward to hitting the tees once the ranges open.

My goal is to make it to the World’s Long Ball Finals in Las Vegas. I know if I get there, I’ll be one of the favorites to win it (In my age group, Super Seniors).

So Dr. VanSuch, I will continue doing what I do with your program and when others ask me how I improved I will certainly promote your DRIVE LONGER program.

Thanks again.”

Gary (baby boomer) Nickerson
Long Ball Driving Professional

The sooner you get started, the sooner you will be out driving your friends, and opponents both on the course and the driving range.

Order this program now to absolutely get more out of your golf game by developing your muscle fibers for speed, perhaps for the first time.

These Exercises will absolutely Improve your Golf Swing Power and Add Distance to Your Drives!