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How to Jump Higher

Increase running vertical jump
How to Increase Running Vertical Jump

How to add a few more inches to your running vertical jump in less than two weeks Train your hip flexors for just 3 minutes a day and watch your leaping ability soar! Hey, basketball players, does your vertical jump coach have you training your “Pectineus” muscles? or “Sartorius” muscles?  SAY WHAT?  Why do I need to train these muscles? I didn’t know they even existed! Read carefully. If you want to increase vertical jump height as much as possible and increase running speed as much as you can, then you need to read this article. Two Most Important Muscles… read more


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NFL Cornerback Sprints Fastest 40 Ever!

runs fastest 40
AQSpeed Trail Blazer:

Mark Parson

NFL Cornerback Runs Fastest 40 After One Week of Training

Breaking Records

AQSpeed Trail Blazer:

Anthony Chesson

Breaks 200m Southern Classic record set by NFL Pro-Bowler

Becomes 2 Time All American!


AQSpeed Trail Blazer:

Darrell Wesh

ACC 200m Gold Medal
HS 60m National Champion
2 Time Collegiate All American

Goes From 2nd String Sub to State Honors!


AQSpeed Trail Blazer:

Mick Baker

Smallest player, batting 4th, leads team to Iowa State Championship, Named Tournament RBI Leader

Shocked at How Much He Had Left!

AQSpeed Trail Blazer:

Randy Booker

"Shocked at how quickly I got results... and how I, an experienced top level athlete, had ignored these important muscles."