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3/12: The Ultimate Running Speed Equation – Setting the Stage

3   Part 3 of 12 – Settng the Stage for Torque Discusson       In order for you to see how the glutes/hams, quads and calves produce torque you are going to need to look at them from a different perspective because if you only look at them this way, from the side (See Figure 1) Figure 3-1. Glutes, hamstrings, quadriceps and calf muscles  it’s going to be very hard for you to break free from the mindset that all they do is “push the body forward”.  See Figure 3-2. Figure 3-2. glutes, quads and calves pushing the… read more

12/12: The Ultimate Running Speed Equation – Torque Patterns in Action

Part 12 of 12 – Torque Patterns in Action Alright, this is what it’s all about! Let’s get right to it and see if you can identify some torque patterns in action. To get things started I’m going to place my shoulder line, hip line and midline on the athlete, like this. And I’m also going to put up our familiar looking 3-step list below, to help guide us along. See Figure 12-1 below. Figure 12-1  Now, referring back to Figure 12-1 above, you’ll remember that I said the hip flexors always work alone, so, that’s the very first thing… read more

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