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Training For Speed and Power with Limited Space and/or Equipment


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If you are someone that is looking to get faster overnight, understand that it does not work like that. It is very hard to change your body to a point where you are going to be noticeably faster. This is even for people that are training on an everyday basis to get there. It is not easy and it should be known. If you are looking to get faster with little equipment, do low weights and max reps.

Key Takeaways:

  • It is hard to get that much faster by just training on your running form or strength.
  • To be able to attain a certain level of speed, you need to focus on the muscles you do not use a lot.
  • In any type of sport, being able to run away from a defender is such a massive advantage.

“When athletes need to train for speed or power, we typically think space for speed and equipment for power. However, in the absence of space and equipment, we as coaches need to adapt the program not only to the needs of the athlete but to the resources we may or may not have. The following are some tips for training for speed or power with limited resources.”

Read more: https://athletesacceleration.com/training-for-speed-and-power-with-limited-space-and-or-equipment/


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