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Squatting Mistake Keeping You Slow. FIX IT. KEEP TO IT. RUN FASTER

So many athletes still think heavy squatting is the answer to running faster but they’re wrong. While studies have shown heavy squats boost athlete’s speed, there is a better way to squat for speed which provides faster results with less risk of injuries, and that’s squatting with power. What does that mean? It means squatting in the eight 12 rep range but, with explosive movements, not slow movements like in the one to five rep range. Doing more explosive squatting stimulates your fast twitch muscle fibers more than heavy squatting, making you run faster. So if you want to run… read more

Isometric Training For Longer Distance Runners

The type of isometric training we offer to longer distance runners is the same as we do for sprinters and here is the reason why: Our experience has shown that exercises outside of actual running to improve one’s speed (sled pushes, resisted running with parachutes, etc.), runners and sprinters will only engage in those exercises specifically aimed at improving the push or drive phase of running.  This phase of running is more aggressive in sprinters than it is for distance runners, but the muscles involved in both are the same, mainly the glutes, hamstrings, quads and calves. There is nothing… read more

How To Break Your Track Pb In 14 Days…Use This FREE Speed Challenge!!

If you want to set a new PB on the track then this free speed challenge is for you. This free challenge consists of just 9 minutes of total training time spread across 2 weeks. Yes 9 minutes over two weeks for a new PB on the track. How? By giving you a small insight into my isometric with resistance bands speed strategy hundreds of athletes have tested this exact Challenge and the results are incredible! Want to get started? Check out my YouTube and you’ll find the video see you in there athletes. 💥How To Break Your Track Pb… read more

Stop Falling For The Testosterone Trap, Young Athletes!

This is off topic but every young athlete needs to hear this. An athlete asked me what the impacts of higher testosterone are and if he should take testosterone supplements. Having higher testosterone will benefit your performance through increased competitiveness, muscle mass and strength however testosterone supplements have very minor or no impacts on your testosterone. So how does an athlete increase their testosterone to become more competitive? Then just do this regularly: good sleep, healthy diet, daily sunlight, strength training, sexual relations and less alcohol. So athletes please don’t fall for the Trap of testosterone supplements. Fix these areas… read more

If You’re a Sprinter Who’s Not Doing This Exercise, You’re Leaving Speed Gains on The Table !!

What’s the best weight lifting movement for sprinters? Let’s find out. The best weightlifting movement to build speed for sports like sprinting is the clean. It promotes explosive power in the hips and knees which is transferable to sprinting. The clean engages your whole body like sprinting as you use your arms to propel you forward. As the clean is a full body movement it requires good coordination and timing to perform much like a Sprint start. Finally the clean builds a lower body muscle which enhances swing mechanisms. ⚠️ If You’re a Sprinter Who’s Not Doing This Exercise, You’re… read more

90 Seconds of Training 3x per Week With This Free Speed Workout?? It’s a No-Brainer To Do !!

Isometrics is the underdog of speed training. But what’s an example you can use today if you want to run faster? Grab a lightweight resistance band and tie it around a heavy object. Then place your leg in the loop and stretch the band as shown, holding this position for 10 to 15 seconds. This is a great way to activate and overload your hip flexors making you faster. Repeat this three times but rotate your foot on either side as shown. Then do the same with your other leg and repeat this routine three times per week and in… read more

How To Run Faster With This RDL Alternative

Do this alternative RDL to run faster. Regular eccentric Romanian deadlifts result in a significant Improvement in your speed. You may be wondering what eccentric means. Eccentric refers to the negative part of the movement, so in terms of a Romanian deadlift, the Eccentric phase is when you lower the bar to your knees. To get the most speed gains out of rdl’s slowly lower the barbell to your knees, pause for two seconds and then explosively raise the bar back to your hip. Rdl’s are a common cause of injury in the sporting so do not go heavy. Focus… read more

Nordic Curls to Prevent Hamstring Injuries

This one movement will transform your sprinting performance. What muscle gets injured the most in track events? If you guess the hamstring you are correct. Over 90% of hamstring injuries are from weak hamstrings. The Athlete’s hamstring cannot withstand the high force from extending and flexing the leg at fast speeds. Weak hamstrings lead to injuries. Over my 25 plus years of experience in the sports industry, Nordic curls are the best exercise I’ve come across for strengthening the hamstrings. They may look easy but looks can be deceiving. Nordic curls are one of the most challenging exercises to achieve… read more

Only The Athletes With The Greatest Potential Will Answer This Question… Will You?!

Athletes, I want you to be brutally honest with yourself about this question: what do you think is limiting your running speed in athletic performance? Motivation? Training? Nutrition? You know, the first reason that popped into your head as I said that question. ⚠️Only The Athletes With The Greatest Potential Will Answer This Question… Will You?! 😨 Comment what you think is honestly limiting your running speed and athletic performance. ⬇️ ….. #runfaster #running #run #runningmotivation #runnersofinstagram #runner #runhappy #instarunners #instarun #trackandfield #fitness #runnerscommunity #runningcommunity #runners #runfast #tracknation #training #marathontraining #runrunrun #runningcoach #trailrunning #runnerslife #runbetter #motivation #k #runcoach #runnersworld #active… read more

Dedicate yourself to getting faster and achieving higher in your performance this fall

Follow this step by step and you’ll get faster guaranteed. Summer’s over and it’s time for you to double down on your training to reach the next level of Speed and Performance. Follow these steps and you’ll get there faster. One: Nutrition. One gram of protein per pound of body weight and four liters of water per day. Two: Sleep. You won’t get faster if you don’t consistently get seven eight hours of sleep per night. Three: Training. Include weight training, plyometrics, sled pushes and so on but don’t obsess them. Three times a week is enough to get faster…. read more

STOP trying to find that quick fix – It’s destroying your SPEED !

fNo magic pill or powder will make you run faster. Recently an athlete asked me what supplements he should take to run a faster 100 meter. I have nothing against supplements but too many people are looking for a quick fix in their nutrition. Nothing will boost your Sprint more than being well rested but protein powder is helpful if you can’t get enough from proper food. Five grams of creatine per day can boost your explosiveness and a pre-workout can give you that final kick but these are optional and are all secondary. 🛑STOP trying to find that quick… read more

If Glenn Can Do It, Why Can’t You?

A 67 year old Sprinter used isometrics to set new PB’s, yes at 67 years old. I get athletes all the time saying I’m too experienced in my training to see fast speed gains or my muscles are too developed to see Speed games that fast. But that’s completely wrong. Master sprinter Glenn Betts ran a 15 second 100 meter at 67 and if that wasn’t impressive enough he then used isometrics with resistance bands to cut a full second off his 100 meters only two months later! A full second within two months at 67! Wow what was that… read more

The #1 Mistake I See Sprint Coaches Making!

Attention all Sprint coaches! This is costing your athletes medals! A coach questioned the significance of hip flexion in sprinting, confused by their importance in setting PBS or winning gold. So many coaches focus on training the pushing off the ground when sprinting, not the swing or pull motions of the leg. A stronger push off the ground is crucial for Speed but not the sole Factor as a faster turnover is vital to track success. Our hip flexor training aided a national Sprinting champion and NCAA top 5 finisher. So, coaches ensure your athlete’s success and include hip flexor… read more

What happens when a track athlete starts ISOMETRICS with resistance bands? #runfaster

Isometrics is the best speed training for track athletes here’s why. Isometrics has three main advantages. Advantage for track athletes firstly it excludes endurance and strength training focusing solely on speed improvements. Secondly it works the swing motion of your arms which helps you run faster but isn’t trained by many sprinters. Lastly isometrics provides direct conditioning for your fast twitch muscle fibers which are essential to any Sprinter’s success. The stronger your fast twitch muscle fibers are the faster you will run and if you want a bonus one-to-one speed coaching call with me Dr Larry Van such click… read more

What Race Are You Trying To Win!?

What’s your distance? 100 meter? 200 meters? 400 meters? Perhaps more? I’ve played football back in college and we would always try to run a faster 40 every week. That was my distance but what race are you trying to win? let me know down below. #runfaster #running #run #runningmotivation #runnersofinstagram #runner #runhappy #instarunners #instarun #trackandfield #fitness #runnerscommunity #runningcommunity #runners #runfast #tracknation #training #marathontraining #runrunrun #runningcoach #trailrunning #runnerslife #runbetter #motivation #k #runcoach #runnersworld #active #track #speedtraining admin

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