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speed training for kids
Speed Training For Kids

Your Kids Can Do This! To all the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, older brothers and sisters, friends, etc., out there looking for an exercise program about speed training for kids, this message is for you. My name is Dr. Larry Van Such and I’ve been teaching athletes how to get faster in their sport for the past 20+ years.  I’ve used the same isometric training method for speed, used the same resistance bands in my exercise programs and I’ve gotten the same, amazing results.   They say if something isn’t broke, don’t fix it, and that is precisely the case with… read more

Olympic Sprinter Finds Competitive Edge

*Eric Harrison Breaks OSU 100m Record 3/25/2022!* Raleigh North, Carolina. Eric Harrison runs a blistering 10.10s 100m in just the 2nd outdoor meet of the year. Full Story. …………………………………………………………….. Eric Harrison Tells His Story Birthplace: Washington D.C Who I compete for: The Ohio State University 3x Big 10 Champion 2x NCAA All American World Junior Champion 2020 Tokyo Olympian TTO Elite Sprinters Are Always Looking for an Advantage As an elite athlete, you are always looking to gain an edge on your competitors and in a sport like track and field, the smallest thing could mean the difference between winning… read more

The Forgotten Muscle That’s Key to Being a Better Athlete

In the past couple of decades, training gluteal muscles has exponentially grown in popularity. The reasons for this type of training varies from aesthetic reasons to improvement of performance on track or field. Most of people training this group of muscles are not familiar with different muscles, their function and the way to maximize the training effect. Anterior muscle is one of the neglected muscles in these regimes, which is unfortunate since it is directly responsible for pelvic stability. Key Takeaways: Some want to develop their glutes for aesthetic purposes while others are more interested in how better-functioning glutes drives… read more

Why Michael Thomas Has Been ‘Training Like a Sprinter’ This Offseason

Already an All-Pro wide receiver, Michael Thomas of the New Orleans Saints is spending the offseason trying to get even better. Thomas doesn’t post training videos online like other players do. However, he is willing to disclose that he’s working to improve his speed. Thomas focuses on recovery between runs to keep his speed training from turning into conditioning. In the weight room, Thomas is building up his hamstrings. While he won’t reveal the names of his trainers, Thomas does divulge that he’s working out in the Jordan React Havoc sneaker. Key Takeaways: After a year when he led the… read more

How To Do The Turkish Get-Up

This exercise might look strange, because it involves an unusual series of movements, but this exercise covers many bases when it comes to increasing strength and mobility. If you just give it a chance, it can improve your endurance, and give you more range and strength for any athletic activities that you want to partake in. You start with a weight and you lay on the floor, then you stretch your arm out and you slowly get up only utilizing certain parts of the body at a time. Key Takeaways: Begin the exercise lying on your back with one arm… read more

Why Christian McCaffrey Is Training Like a Track Athlete This Offseason

As a running back with Carolina Panthers, Christian McCaffrey is a well-known name in the NFL. Last year, he amassed a total of 326 runs and he is considered to be one of the fastest players at his position. That does not mean he is happy with his current speed, and he always strives for more. In between two seasons, his training regime looks much like the one of the track runner. In fact, Christian says he considers his position to be that of a sprinter. Key Takeaways: After a strong season where McCaffrey says he felt “great” from Week… read more

Denzel Perryman Plans to Come Back Lean, Mean and Better Than Ever After His Brutal Season-Ending Injury

Denzel Perryman thought he was going to walk the injury off but the next day his MRI showed he torn his LCL as well as his hamstring. The Chargers would have a tough time without Perryman after the season ending injury. After the week 9 game with the Oakland Raiders Perryman was ordered to two months of bed rest. He’s since returned to resistance training and plans to come back stronger than ever before. His two year extension should treat him well. Key Takeaways: Perryman was ordered on bed rest for two months post-surgery, but he did everything in his… read more

3 Tips to Keep Workouts Engaging For Young Athletes

When it comes to young athletes, you want to keep their workouts as engaging as possible so they don’t get bored. An easy way to do this is to vary the amount of reps and sets of each exercise. You also can rotate accessory exercises so that each workout has a different feel to it. Finally, get creative with your finishers and conditioning. This will not only improve your cardio but it also will give you a challenge at the end of each workout. Key Takeaways: When an athlete first begins a strength training program, they usually begin with a… read more

Exercise Predictability, Isometrics, & Partial Reps with Jamie Smith, Part II

Coach Smith continues his discussion of training approach he takes as part of his program. Infusing some unpredictability is desirable, as it will push the trainee to limits otherwise not explored. The mix of predictability and out of pattern training needs to be optimal for optimal result. When movements that are unconventional are added to the training, the result should be continued development of an athlete. This is actually not dissimilar to what they will experience in the game or event in their sport, as unexpected moments will most definitely happen. Key Takeaways: You can reach your full potential no… read more

Training For Speed and Power with Limited Space and/or Equipment

If you are attempting to do some serous training but do not have adequate space you have other awesome options. For example, rather then using med ball throws you can substitute dumbbells for power. You can try plyometrics which is basically jumping on 2 legs, then down to 1. Squat jumps are very effective which targets many leg muscles. Finally there is the good old bunny hop using a variety of objects to simply hop over. Regardless of which you enjoy, space is not an issue when you are engaged in training. Key Takeaways: When we think of increasing speed… read more

Most Powerful Joint in Sports is Under Trained

There are many routines and training regimes that will work on your joints, but the most powerful joint is often neglected. Hip joint is the joint where the foundation for both strength and speed comes from. They are also immensely important in our daily activities. There are several planes of motion hip joint moves through, which is where its potency is coming from. In order to extract the most benefit out of it, you need to train it to the full range of motion in all planes. Key Takeaways: The hip joint has six planes of motion, each of which… read more

It’s Not Them; It’s Us – Better Coaching With Young Athletes: Brett Klika

When my child was learning to swim, the instructor was shouting out instructions and our daughter just wasn’t getting the message. The coach would say things like, use your hips instead of your knees, and a small child isn’t going to know what that exactly means in terms of their anatomy. We have to keep in mind that children aren’t fully developed humans yet and their cognitive abilities aren’t fully formed, and they may not have all the necessary vocabulary down before hand. Key Takeaways: Oftentimes, when young athletes fail to follow their coach’s sometimes shouted advice, it can seem… read more

Is the Guru Always Right? – Brett Klika

As coaches we teach different training methods but this doesn’t mean that we are always right. There are different environments where children are learning how to do certain things that my methods wouldn’t work in. There is crawling for example, many athletes might benefit from this practice, but it would only work in an environment where there was a smooth surface available. Medicine balls can be used universally. It is also a challenge with the parents involved, as they can cause unnecessary injury when they try to continue the training in their own time. Key Takeaways: It’s super easy to… read more

Creating a Program for the Multi-Sport Athlete

Coaching an individual that is in multiple sports does not mean simply throwing them a program that works only for basketball players when the individual also plays football. One thing that coaches must be aware of is how each sport affects the individual’s body. The individual will need an entirely new program made just for them, which will need to be determined by figuring out which exercises does the individual prefer, which exercises help them excel in their training, what are some injuries or issues that the individual has had in the past and discussing goals with the athlete will… read more

Why You Are Not Faster No Matter How Much You Workout

No matter how much you exercise, there is a good chance that you are not targeting the right muscles in the body. You can do as many sets and reps of the same things in the training room, but you are still not targeting the right muscles that will help you increase your speed. The hip flexors are a series of muscles that you might not think will help you with your speed but they have been proven to do so. Key Takeaways: You are not getting any faster because you are not utilizing all of the muscles necessary to… read more

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