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How to fuel your body before you sprint!

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Four tips to run faster without over-striding

Running faster without over striding is important for both competitive and recreational runners. Over strutting occurs when the front foot lands too far out in front of the center of mass which can lead to injuries and inefficiencies in running. So here are four tips to improve your running speed without over striving. Tip #1: Warm up properly. A proper warm-up routine can help prevent injuries and prepare the body for a faster ride start with a brisk walk for two to three minutes followed by three to five minutes of PC effort. Running before doing the following drill four… read more

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Many sprinters Focus their training on the first phase not the second leaving huge speed gains on the table. Running is split into two phases, 1) the push phase where your leg pushes off the ground and 2) swing phase where you bend your leg behind you. The common mis-belief in speed training is that only the push phase muscles, like the quads and calves, make you fast, not the swing phase muscles like the hip flexors. This couldn’t be further from the truth. So, essential muscles to a sprinter’s speed are being left underdeveloped. These underdeveloped muscles are why… read more

Get Faster With Improved Flexibility ⚡

Flexibility is vital for sprinting performance. It enables proper stride mechanics, range of motion and injury prevention. Flexible hip flexors, hamstrings and calf muscles ensure efficient leg extension enhancing speed and reducing the risk of strains. It’s essential to run faster and win more races but how do you increase leg flexibility? Include dynamic stretches before workouts and static stretches after training. Consider practices like yoga and pilates. Consistency is crucial. Gradually increase the stretch depth and duration. #runfaster #running #run #runningmotivation #runnersofinstagram #runner #runhappy #instarunners #instarun #trackandfield #fitness #runnerscommunity #runningcommunity #runners #runfast #tracknation #training #marathontraining #runrunrun #runningcoach #trailrunning #runnerslife… read more

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Are you hitting the gym and field hard but can’t see the speed gains? That’s because you’ve left 50 of your leg muscles untrained. Why? Because gym routines and exercises focus on the push phase of running, pushing off the ground for Speed and so we leave our hip flexors untrained. Our hip flexors link your upper and lower body affecting stride and leg speed. So weak hip flexors mean untapped speed regardless of how strong your quads are. But that means every athlete has untapped speed through our hip flexors. So the takeaway… switch up your training routine to… read more

❌Don’t lose out on speed gains by falling into the marathon training mindset!!❌

How long do you train for Speed in the gym? 90 minutes? 2 hours? If so, then you are training for too long! Speed training in the gym should only last 15 to 60 Minutes including warm-ups, main exercises and cool Downs. Of course the duration depends on Fitness level, goals and exercise intensity but keep sessions short to maintain effectiveness and avoid over training or injury. LIKE | COMMENT | FOLLOW 🤝Send to a friend who trains for wayyy too long 🤣📲 ….. #runfaster #running #run #runningmotivation #runnersofinstagram #runner #runhappy #instarunners #instarun #trackandfield #fitness #runnerscommunity #runningcommunity #runners #runfast #tracknation… read more

Is the Weather Slowing Your Running Speed Down?

Dear Athlete, What was the weather like the last time you ran? Do you remember? We often brush aside the weather when we perform… You can’t let some rain stop you, right? So, we assume the weather doesn’t hugely impact our running performance. But some studies show that hot, snowy, cold, and rainy weather have a big say on your running speed. Unfortunately, we can’t do much about changing the weather. But we can adapt to it! So if you’re struggling to take your speed to the next level and live in a extreme climate… This is the email for… read more

4 Tips to Run Faster Without Over Striding!

Running faster without overstriding is important for both competitive and recreational runners. Overstriding occurs when the front foot lands too far ahead of the centre of mass, which can lead to injuries and inefficiencies in running. Here are some tips to improve running speed without overstriding: Tip #1 Warm up properly: A proper warm-up routine can help prevent injuries and prepare the body for a faster run. Start with a brisk walk for two to three minutes, followed by three to five minutes of easy-effort running before doing the following drill four times: jog in place for 30 seconds, high… read more

6 Ways to Improve Your Running Speed and Endurance

If you’re looking to improve your running speed and endurance, there are a number of strategies you can try. Here are some tips on how to run faster without getting tired: ONE Set an achievable pace: Running at random places can lead to exhaustion and burnout. Start by setting an achievable pace and gradually increasing it as your endurance improves. This will help you run faster without getting tired.  TWO Use your arms: Swing your arms when you run and hold them at a 90-degree angle at the elbow. This will help you balance your body and give you forward… read more

speed training for kids
Speed Training For Kids

Your Kids Can Do This! To all the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, older brothers and sisters, friends, etc., out there looking for an exercise program about speed training for kids, this message is for you. My name is Dr. Larry Van Such and I’ve been teaching athletes how to get faster in their sport for the past 20+ years.  I’ve used the same isometric training method for speed, used the same resistance bands in my exercise programs and I’ve gotten the same, amazing results.   They say if something isn’t broke, don’t fix it, and that is precisely the case with… read more

Olympic Sprinter Finds Competitive Edge

*Eric Harrison Breaks OSU 100m Record 3/25/2022!* Raleigh North, Carolina. Eric Harrison runs a blistering 10.10s 100m in just the 2nd outdoor meet of the year. Full Story. …………………………………………………………….. Eric Harrison Tells His Story Birthplace: Washington D.C Who I compete for: The Ohio State University 3x Big 10 Champion 2x NCAA All American World Junior Champion 2020 Tokyo Olympian TTO Elite Sprinters Are Always Looking for an Advantage As an elite athlete, you are always looking to gain an edge on your competitors and in a sport like track and field, the smallest thing could mean the difference between winning… read more

The Forgotten Muscle That’s Key to Being a Better Athlete

In the past couple of decades, training gluteal muscles has exponentially grown in popularity. The reasons for this type of training varies from aesthetic reasons to improvement of performance on track or field. Most of people training this group of muscles are not familiar with different muscles, their function and the way to maximize the training effect. Anterior muscle is one of the neglected muscles in these regimes, which is unfortunate since it is directly responsible for pelvic stability. Key Takeaways: Some want to develop their glutes for aesthetic purposes while others are more interested in how better-functioning glutes drives… read more

Why Michael Thomas Has Been ‘Training Like a Sprinter’ This Offseason

Already an All-Pro wide receiver, Michael Thomas of the New Orleans Saints is spending the offseason trying to get even better. Thomas doesn’t post training videos online like other players do. However, he is willing to disclose that he’s working to improve his speed. Thomas focuses on recovery between runs to keep his speed training from turning into conditioning. In the weight room, Thomas is building up his hamstrings. While he won’t reveal the names of his trainers, Thomas does divulge that he’s working out in the Jordan React Havoc sneaker. Key Takeaways: After a year when he led the… read more

How To Do The Turkish Get-Up

This exercise might look strange, because it involves an unusual series of movements, but this exercise covers many bases when it comes to increasing strength and mobility. If you just give it a chance, it can improve your endurance, and give you more range and strength for any athletic activities that you want to partake in. You start with a weight and you lay on the floor, then you stretch your arm out and you slowly get up only utilizing certain parts of the body at a time. Key Takeaways: Begin the exercise lying on your back with one arm… read more

Why Christian McCaffrey Is Training Like a Track Athlete This Offseason

As a running back with Carolina Panthers, Christian McCaffrey is a well-known name in the NFL. Last year, he amassed a total of 326 runs and he is considered to be one of the fastest players at his position. That does not mean he is happy with his current speed, and he always strives for more. In between two seasons, his training regime looks much like the one of the track runner. In fact, Christian says he considers his position to be that of a sprinter. Key Takeaways: After a strong season where McCaffrey says he felt “great” from Week… read more

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