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Speed Training Reviews

How Darrell Wesh Won 60m National Gold

At the Nike Indoor National Championships, Darrell Wesh wins the Gold Medal in the 60m.   He reveals here for the 1st time the training that allowed him to dominate the competition throughout his senior year. As a sprinter for Landstown H.S. in Viginia Beach Virginia, Darrell Wesh struggled during his junior year to get the speed he wanted. He was then introduced by a friend to the AthleticQuickness.com RUN FASTER speed training program. Darrell says he devoured every morsel of information he could find on the AthleticQuickness.com website and incorporated it into his workout regimen. “I stayed away from… read more

Run a faster 40 in football
How NFL Cornerback Sprints Fastest 40 in One Week

NFL Cornerback, Mark Parson, trained hard for months using workouts provided by coaches and trainers yet his 40 time never improved. He Tries the AthleticQuickness.com Run Faster Program and easily beats his Personal Best in the 40 in one week! Mark Parson – NFL Cornerback   “I was searching the internet in my hotel room to find the extra edge in speed”, NFL cornerback Mark Parson reports. “When I saw the AthleticQuickness.com website, I was amazed at all the information that Dr. Van Such provided, because most trainers do not provide the ‘why’ and ‘how’ specifics of each exercise like… read more

Meet Developer of the Speed Training Programs

Dr. Larry Van Such D.C. Author and Developer of the Speed Training Programs Many people have asked how I discovered this amazing technique to increase speed and quickness. When I was a youth I wanted to get stronger and faster and play better in sports. My dream was to be able to play football in college and I was willing try different things to be a better player. So one day I purchased an isometric training product that came with springs and traction ropes. I was sold on the idea that I could increase the size of my biceps muscles… read more

State Champion Baseball Player
How 2nd String Sub Became All State Baseball Champion

Mick Baker goes from 2nd string sub batting 9th toleading his team as State Champions while batting 4th with highest RBI total, fewest strikeouts, .377 batting ave. and winning All State Honors! He trained during 2 off seasons using the AQSpeed Baseball Training Program to become a top ranked player in Iowa.   “As a high school sophomore, I was 5 foot 5 inches tall, weighed about 140 pounds and struggled throwing the ball across the infield. I batted 9th sparingly and was mainly used as a defensive substitute. I was not fast enough or strong enough to compete against… read more

Youth football player is fastest on team
How to be a Winner in Youth Football

Pop Warner Football Player Loves Scoring Touchdowns!   One of my patients is a coach for a local Pop Warner football team here in town. His name is Coach Greene, and his 12 year old son was hoping to become the starting running back for the team. The competition was tough, even for his age group, and Coach Greene was looking for ways to make sure his son got his share of the playing time. However, even though he was the coach, he wanted his son to earn this position. He wasn’t just going to give it to him because… read more

Speed Training program helps set new meet record
How Anthony Chesson Broke 200m Meet Record

Breaks 200m meet record held by an NFL Pro Bowl Star Reduces Personal Best Time by Full Second! Anthony Chesson of Midlothian, Virginia was already very fast. In fact he started the 2006 year ranked 2nd in his state in the 200 meters. He then included the speed training strategy of using isometrics with resistance bands as taught by the AthleticQuickness.com RUN FASTER speed training program into his workout. Anthony reported, “It helped me take a full second off 200m times.” His personal best time in the 200m had been 22.14 seconds.  Shortly after starting the AthleticQuickness.com  RUN FASTER training program, his best time… read more

How International Basketball Star Took Game to New Levels

International Pro Athlete Takes his Game to Never Before Seen Levels of Performance. Uses the AthleticQuickness.com Speed Training and is Shocked to Discover How Much He Had Left! Within the last year I have traveled around the world from San Luis Potosi Mexico to Adana, Mersin, Tarsus, and Instanbul Turkey furthering my career as a professional basketball player.The hard work I put in had given me a great deal of athleticism, but I wanted to find a way to become not just a great athlete, but a FREAKISH ATHLETE! Sets Goal of 44 inch Vertical and Speed Increase I set… read more

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NFL Cornerback Sprints Fastest 40 Ever!

runs fastest 40
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Mark Parson

NFL Cornerback Runs Fastest 40 After One Week of Training

Breaking Records

AQSpeed Trail Blazer:

Anthony Chesson

Breaks 200m Southern Classic record set by NFL Pro-Bowler

Becomes 2 Time All American!


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Darrell Wesh

ACC 200m Gold Medal
HS 60m National Champion
2 Time Collegiate All American

Goes From 2nd String Sub to State Honors!


AQSpeed Trail Blazer:

Mick Baker

Smallest player, batting 4th, leads team to Iowa State Championship, Named Tournament RBI Leader