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The Forgotten Muscle That’s Key to Being a Better Athlete


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In the past couple of decades, training gluteal muscles has exponentially grown in popularity. The reasons for this type of training varies from aesthetic reasons to improvement of performance on track or field. Most of people training this group of muscles are not familiar with different muscles, their function and the way to maximize the training effect. Anterior muscle is one of the neglected muscles in these regimes, which is unfortunate since it is directly responsible for pelvic stability.

Key Takeaways:

  • Some want to develop their glutes for aesthetic purposes while others are more interested in how better-functioning glutes drives elite athletic performance.
  • Without a well-functioning anterior glute medius, overall pelvic stability suffers. Other muscles that internally rotate the hip, such as the TFL, can easily become overactive, causing discomfort.
  • Many people tend to have excessive external rotation (ER) range of motion, especially on the left side, due to some inherent asymmetries that our bodies are designed and developed with.

“Bottom line: we need to train internal rotation, and we need our anterior glute med to be a part of it to do so optimally.”

Read more: https://www.stack.com/a/the-forgotten-muscle-key-to-being-a-better-athlete


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