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Is the Weather Slowing Your Running Speed Down?


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Dear Athlete,

What was the weather like the last time you ran?

Do you remember?

We often brush aside the weather when we perform… You can’t let some rain stop you, right?

So, we assume the weather doesn’t hugely impact our running performance.

But some studies show that hot, snowy, cold, and rainy weather have a big say on your running speed.

Unfortunately, we can’t do much about changing the weather.

But we can adapt to it! So if you’re struggling to take your speed to the next level and live in a extreme climate… This is the email for you!

Your “Runners-adapt” weather guide✅

❄️Snowy Weather… There are the ones you can guess of the top of your head like hard grip footwear, warm clothing, and listening to you body.

But if you live in a snowy area, consider warming up indoors to raise your core body temperature and minimize the cold shock. 

Also, take smaller strides to keep your balance and avoid slipping.

🌧️Rainy Weather… If you still go running when it rains, that’s very impressive! But like in snowy conditions, you should warm up indoors to avoid being cooled by the rain and take shorter strips.

We recommend shorter strides and a more straight posture to help you keep balance and stability on slippery surfaces.

🥶Cold Weather… The more cold it is, the more you need to cover your extremities and exposed skin. As blood rushes to your legs, your feet and hands needs to be keep warm to avoid discomfort.

There’s no scientific solution to this – Mittens and double socks will do!

(Also look at ❄️snowy weather)

🥵Hot Weather… The most dangerous of them all! Schedule runs in cooler parts of the day and shelter areas. Also, dress for the heat! Even if you just got a new sports sweater, wear that old t-shirt when it’s hot!

Wow… Got all that down?

Now, not even the weather will stop you setting run PBs!

Tomorrow we’ll cover why your warm-up is more like a cool down, and how it’s damaging your running speed.

And if you have any questions about today’s topic, please feel free to drop a reply!

See you tomorrow, athlete!

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