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Speed Training For Kids


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Your Kids Can Do This!

To all the parents, grandparents, uncles, aunts, older brothers and sisters, friends, etc., out there looking for an exercise program about speed training for kids, this message is for you.

My name is Dr. Larry Van Such and I’ve been teaching athletes how to get faster in their sport for the past 20+ years.  I’ve used the same isometric training method for speed, used the same resistance bands in my exercise programs and I’ve gotten the same, amazing results.   They say if something isn’t broke, don’t fix it, and that is precisely the case with our isometric speed training programs.

During this time, my team and I here at AthleticQuickness. com have attracted a lot of different types of people, from all over the world, to our website looking for ways to get faster in their sport.

For the most part, these athletes have been in their late teens, twenties and perhaps early thirties.  They form the bulk of our audience. Every now and then we’ll get masters level athletes looking our way and occasionally a parent, or, youth coach inquiring about speed training for kids.

The feedback we have gotten has been nothing short of remarkable and we are quite honored to have played a part in the success of so many athletes.  And, along the way, we have received many different comments and questions about our programs but, without a doubt, two of them top the list. (Continued Below).

“Man, I Wish I had This Program a Long Time Ago!”

The first one is a comment, and it is, “Man, I wish I had this speed training program a long time ago!”.  For these athletes, they didn’t come across our speed training information until they were out of high school and perhaps when their best playing days were already behind them.

Their comment is one of, shall we say, a missed opportunity.  But for them, it’s still a joy to have exceeded their wildest expectations in running speed when they never thought it would happen in their lifetimes.

And, to have it take place over a short period of time, such as 14 days or so, they simply can’t contain themselves, and want to share their excitement with us.  This always makes our day as we really do value feedback like this.  It’s the main reason why this site exists.

“Do You Have Any Programs About Speed Training for Kids?

The second one is a question and is where you, the guardians of the younger generation of athletes, are concerned.  The question is this: “Do you have any programs about speed training for kids?”.  This is an interesting one, and a good one, so, let me explain.

When I was first introduced to the strategy of isometric training, I was around 12 years old.  You can read my story.  But the gist of it was that I got such an amazing result in improving the size of my biceps muscles in just two weeks by simply using an isometric training piece of equipment, that I was at a complete loss for words.

“No way could this could have happened to me!” I thought, but yes, it did. I could look at and feel the results.  They were real.  Little did I know this childhood experience would help me relate better to the athletes who would eventually use my speed training programs some 20 years later by also getting incredible results, but in this case, with their running speed.

Our Speed Training Programs Are For the Young and the Old

When I wrote the first edition of the book titled Run Faster with Isometric Training! back in 1998, I didn’t have a specific audience in mind at the time since I was more concerned about making sure people understood what I was trying to say. I wanted it to be easy to read, and implement, and since this was my first attempt at writing a book for the public, I wanted to get it right.  Certainly, you can appreciate that.

However, my underlying assumption while writing it was that since I used a similar, and perhaps an even more aggressive piece of (isometric training) equipment when I was 12, then anyone around that age, or, older would benefit, too.   This was, in large part, because my program was using a newer and less aggressive piece of training equipment, that being the resistance band.

And, my experience since the release of the book has been exactly that… younger athletes around 12 years old and up, along with adult supervision, would do just fine.

The Really Exciting Part…Exercises Take Only 10-15 Minutes a Day!

One of the main reasons people have gotten really excited about using our speed training programs is that because they had achieved such fantastic results in a short amount of time, it didn’t seem real, or, possible to them. But yet, like myself years ago, the results were undeniable, right there in front of them.

But, exactly how much time does it take for someone to increase their speed with our program?  What if I were to tell you that athletes of all ages are using it for just 10-15 minutes a day, three days a week!  How does that sound?

I know it can be a challenge, but, do you think you can get your kids to put in this amount of time to be a better player?  Hopefully, the answer is “yes”, but if you think they will still need a little more encouragement, continue on.

Your Kids Can Do These Speed Training Exercises At Home

The other nice thing about using our isometric speed training program to run faster is that your kids can do these exercises in the convenience of their own home.  That’s right.  Most exercises where resistance bands are concerned can be done basically anywhere and at any time.

This means you, as their legal guardians, won’t have to spend your valuable time driving your child to a gym or track to do the exercises.  They can simply do them in the comfort of their own living room, basement or garage.  In fact, doing them right where they live is where I recommend they be done.  This is so you can watch over your kids, giving them proper instruction.

The Enthusiasm of Parents Watching Their Children Succeed Is Priceless

We do have more than our fair share of younger athletes, ages 10 and above who have achieved amazing success with our programs.  Hopefully you’ve seen Jamal Greene’s video above and we have two more written testimonials for you, too.   See if you can pick up the excitement in their letters:

speed training for kids

speed training for kids

More Good News! This Is Not a Long Book.  You’ll Have It Figured Out In Less Than 20 Minutes!

Speed training, as the name implies, should be fast.  It shouldn’t take very long to complete and neither should the instruction to understand it.  This is why The Run Faster With Isometric Training book consists of only 28 pages.  We get right to the point and deliver to you what you want the most…information on how to run faster.

The program contains 10 exercises written in a step by step approach, along with pictures, for easy implementation.  There are also 10 corresponding exercise videos, each lasting between 1-2 minutes. So, you can learn by either reading or watching, or both.

Setting up the exercises is very easy, too.  Remember, you can do these at home. So, parents and guardians, there won’t be a big investment of your time, either, which should come as an added bonus for giving this a try.

60 Day Money Back Guarantee.

We want your kids to be successful in all they do. With regards to sports and especially running faster, we know we can help. However, if for some unforeseen reason we don’t deliver as promised, then by no means do we want to simply keep your hard-earned money.

This is why we offer a 60-day money back guarantee and not a 30 day money back guarantee, thus giving you more time to feel good about your buying decision.  And since this is a digital product that you can get today, you’ll receive a 100% refund if you decide to return it, since no shipping and handling charges will be deducted.  Simply put, there is no financial risk on your part.  So, what are you waiting for? Your kids, and you, can do this!

Isometric Speed Training Exercises

Only $29.95!

Plus 60 day Money Back Guarantee! You Can’t Beat That!

(Includes PDF of training manual and exercise videos)

Try an Exercise From the Program Before You Buy It!

Still not ready to buy?  How about trying one of our speed exercises out first, for free, before you do?  The exercise below is from the Run Faster program and has helped thousands of athletes increase their running speed within just a few days.  And, it’s yours free to try.   Watch the video below and then I’ll give you the instructions after that.

Do this exercise 3 times a week for the next two weeks.  That’s only 6 total exercise sessions with each session lasting only 3 minutes.  Total exercise time for two weeks, then, is just 18 minutes!  Easy, right? Of course, it is!

But, before starting this exercise, how about timing yourself in your favorite race distance, first? Time yourself in the 30 yard dash, 40 yard dash, etc. Then after the two weeks of training, time yourself again  to see how much faster you have gotten! And, most importantly, let us know how you did!

And if you are satisfied with the results, then just think how fast you’ll become if you tried to whole program!

Wish you well!

Dr. Larry Van Such

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