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Olympic Sprinter Finds Competitive Edge


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*Eric Harrison Breaks OSU 100m Record 3/25/2022!*

Raleigh North, Carolina. Eric Harrison runs a blistering 10.10s 100m in just the 2nd outdoor meet of the year. Full Story.


Eric Harrison Tells His Story

Birthplace: Washington D.C
Who I compete for: The Ohio State University
3x Big 10 Champion
2x NCAA All American
World Junior Champion
2020 Tokyo Olympian TTO

Elite Sprinters Are Always Looking for an Advantage

As an elite athlete, you are always looking to gain an edge on your competitors and in a sport like track and field, the smallest thing could mean the difference between winning and losing. I like to win and because I want to be the best I can be, I put in many countless hours and days trying to perfect my craft as a 100m and 200m sprinter. However, when I think back, there were many times that I was not getting the consistent results I felt that I should have gotten. It was very frustrating to me knowing that I was so close to reaching some of my goals, but, not quite always able to attain them. However, I never got down on myself, instead, I kept grinding away while still looking for answers.

Ohio State Track Coach Introduces Me to Dr. Larry Van Such

I was first introduced to Dr. Larry Van Such by my track coach at Ohio State University back around 2018 when he came to one of our practices. I was amazed at the amount of knowledge he was able to share with us about speed training and I knew if I got to know him more, he would eventually help me take my performances to the next level. We ended up striking a good friendship and began talking to each other for hours, day in and day out. Each time we talked, he kept reinforcing to me that even the top-level athletes in every sport leave out certain muscles in their sprint training and that if I learned about them trained them properly, I would unlock the secrets to running faster. He gave me a copy of his book from his website AthleticQuickness.com and from there I was able to strengthen these weak points in my body that had been holding me back from competing at my maximum level.

Using the Program Was Easier Than I Thought

Dr. Larry’s Run Faster Speed Training Program requires very little time and resources to get it done effectively. You would be surprised with the things you could do with a resistance band and a stop watch. I didn’t even have to leave my house to do his exercises.

Isometric movements are very important in all sports and it is not always necessary to use weights to strengthen parts of the body. It was not until I met Dr Larry that I fully understood this. There were definitely times where I thought to myself, “This doesn’t hurt nearly as bad as the stuff we do in the weight room… how am I going to get stronger?”. I don’t think I was ever even seriously sore from these exercises especially since I was working on a muscle group that I knew was weak. The program was very straight forward and simple to follow along.

I Noticed Results Much Quicker Than I Had Expected.

After battling injuries for the past 2 years due to strength imbalances after tearing my quad muscle, I had no Idea what to expect going into my first outdoor season in over 2 years. And, I had only been following Dr Larry’s program for about 2 ½ half weeks leading up to our first Big Ten meet of the year in Jacksonville FL. Like I had mentioned, I did not know what to expect but I did trust my Coach and Dr Larry’s training advice.

My Pre-Race routine hadn’t changed much for me over the years but my expectations did, especially as we were going to an Olympic year (Tokyo 2021). When I ran the prelim 100m on that Friday evening, the only thing I cared about was making sure I would secure a spot in the final and to my surprise I did just that. In fact, I posted the fastest time going into the final by a good margin. My time was a 10.39.

Is the Clock Right? Did I Just Run a 10.17 100m dash?

As you can imagine, I was filled with emotions at the time because I had no idea if I’d ever be able to compete at a high level again due to my past injuries. This gave me such amazing confidence going in to the 100m final the following evening, on Saturday. I got a great start and ran a near perfect race and again, to my surprise, I couldn’t believe what the clock said as I finished the race in 10.17! I thought to myself, “Is the Clock Right? Did I just run a 10.17 100m dash?”.

I couldn’t believe it! I had run a personal best in my first competitive race of the season. Granted this race was slightly windy but I returned to that track months later and ran a Legal 10.16.

Earns Spot on Trinidad and Tobago’s 2020 Olympic Team

I went on to win 3 out of 4 of my 100m competitions that season and 4/5 of my 200m races. This earned me a spot on, Trinidad and Tobago’s 2020 (2021) Olympic 4x100m Relay Team. For those wondering, my mom was born there so I was able to represent them during the Olympics. Needless to say, this was my best season by a long shot and this was not by coincidence.

Who says, “You can’t teach Speed”?

One of the most common phrases you will hear throughout sports is that you cannot teach speed, you either got it or you don’t. To some extent this phrase is correct. There are those that are genetically gifted to sprint at a high level and then there are those that are not. To get to the elite level of sprinting there are some genetic qualifications you have to meet, but not everyone wants to be an elite level sprinter which only a small percentage of athletes achieve. However, this does not take away the fact that speed can be developed.

There are a lot of factors that go into getting someone to be faster, it is not just as black and white as you might assume. Most athletes do not even reach their full potential when it comes to speed simply because they do not develop the right muscle groups that promote speed, and you would be really surprised how easy it is to fix. Dr Larry’s program does just that.

He gave me a clear break down on why I was not able to reach my full potential simply because I was spending all of my time attacking muscle groups on my body that were already strong and ignoring ones that were weak. He taught me that elite sprinting requires muscular balance in the entire body and any imbalance can lead to reduced performance and a poor use of your energy. Once I was able to increase the balance of strength in all of my sprinting muscles, my times improved, much energy increased and it was much easier to do than I had thought.

If you want to get faster and you want to do it in a short amount of time, I highly recommend you pick up the Run Faster Speed Training program from AthleticQuickness.com. Go through Dr Larry’s program like I did because he is one person that I know, personally, that can teach speed… you won’t regret it.

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