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How To Do The Turkish Get-Up

This exercise might look strange, because it involves an unusual series of movements, but this exercise covers many bases when it comes to increasing strength and mobility. If you just give it a chance, it can improve your endurance, and give you more range and strength for any athletic activities that you want to partake in. You start with a weight and you lay on the floor, then you stretch your arm out and you slowly get up only utilizing certain parts of the body at a time.

Key Takeaways:

  • Begin the exercise lying on your back with one arm pointing to the ceiling while holding a weight.
  • From a half-kneeling position with the weight still pointing upwards, stand up.
  • Getting up is half the exercise, going back down is the other half.

“The fact that you can train all of these attributes with one movement makes it a go-to exercise in my book—even if it does prompt some perplexed looks. But you can’t just grab a weight and stand up from the ground and think you’ll get stronger.”

Read more: https://www.stack.com/a/master-turkish-get-ups-in-6-simple-steps


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