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Why Michael Thomas Has Been ‘Training Like a Sprinter’ This Offseason


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Already an All-Pro wide receiver, Michael Thomas of the New Orleans Saints is spending the offseason trying to get even better. Thomas doesn’t post training videos online like other players do. However, he is willing to disclose that he’s working to improve his speed. Thomas focuses on recovery between runs to keep his speed training from turning into conditioning. In the weight room, Thomas is building up his hamstrings. While he won’t reveal the names of his trainers, Thomas does divulge that he’s working out in the Jordan React Havoc sneaker.

Key Takeaways:

  • After a year when he led the NFL in receptions and secured All-Pro honors, he’s spending this offseason building himself into something even greater.
  • Thomas is notoriously secretive about his workouts, rarely posting such clips on social media.
  • Similar to NFL running back Christian McCaffrey, Thomas says track workouts now play a major role in his routine.

“Middling speed was one of the few legitimate knocks on Thomas as a prospect coming out of Ohio State, and it’s one reason he fell to the Saints in the middle of the second round.”

Read more: https://www.stack.com/a/why-michael-thomas-has-been-training-like-a-sprinter-this-offseason


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