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Many sprinters Focus their training on the first phase not the second leaving huge speed gains on the table. Running is split into two phases, 1) the push phase where your leg pushes off the ground and 2) swing phase where you bend your leg behind you.

The common mis-belief in speed training is that only the push phase muscles, like the quads and calves, make you fast, not the swing phase muscles like the hip flexors. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

So, essential muscles to a sprinter’s speed are being left underdeveloped. These underdeveloped muscles are why many sprinters hit roadblocks in their time.

It’s not because they’re at their genetic limit or aren’t resting or training enough. It’s because they focus all their training on only one phase of running the push phase.

The takeaway? Start strengthening the swing phase muscles and you’ll get faster within days.

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