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Speed Training – What They Never Told You!

When it comes to speed training, there are even professionals who waste their time and do not know what they are doing. It is possible to find the secrets to improving speed. It is possible to perform exercises that improve your speed regardless of your age or fitness level. Resistance band training and isometric exercises have been shown to additionally enhance speed in individuals. Many athletes leave 50% of the muscles they need to improve speed untouched, but some exercises can fix this problem. Key Takeaways: There are many effective ways for athletes to increase the speed of their muscle… read more

Become a Faster Athlete and Better Player in Days

If you are looking to take your athletic game to the next level, you should consider enrolling in the AQSpeed training program. This elaborate program focuses on exercises that increase power and even changes the molecular makeup of your muscles so that you can run faster. On top of that, it only takes a few days to get started. So, if you want to become quicker, stronger, faster, and more agile, then the AQSpeed program may be your best option. Key Takeaways: The only way to get better is to train better, by training specific muscles focused on speed. All… read more

5 Two-Ball Dribbling Drills Every Basketball Player Should Try

There are a lot of Instagram dribbling drills out there, but you can’t really learn anything from watching them. For one, they are more focused on flash than they are function and nothing beats giving it a try yourself. When you have two balls this really helps with your hand eye coordination and makes dribbling with just one ball much easier. It also forces you to use your weaker hand so you are not tempted to switch to your stronger hand during the drills. Key Takeaways: With all of the different Instagram trainers out there, there’s no shortage of two-ball… read more

Football Coaches and Slow 40 Times

There is a video that we use to show people how they can improve their speed and one of those ways is to exercise the hip flexors. A lot of coaches message us and ask us why these muscles are so important for improving speed, and they just don’t understand it. If you want to increase your speed by 1.1 second, then you will want to turn to these exercises. With all the information out there, it’s surprising how behind the times people are. Key Takeaways: It was shocking to me that so many football coaches were behind the times… read more

Most Powerful Joint in Sports is Under Trained

We all have two hip joints on each side of our anatomy, and these joints are responsible for our speed and strength. The hip joint is what actually initiates most types of athletic movement. Hip joints need six different planes of motion, but even athletes often skip over vital planes. These six planes of motion are: extension, flexion, adduction, abduction, and then both internal and external rotation. These planes of motion are essential for athletes to work on since failure to work these joints can result in hamstring injuries and other unfortunate setbacks while training. Key Takeaways: Although the hip… read more

Why Christian McCaffrey Is Training Like a Track Athlete This Offseason

When it comes to the workouts that Christian McCaffrey does, it’s not just about burning calories. His big achievement is to improve his speed so that he can improve his game out on the field. He is training more like a track athlete so that he continue his streak of being a powerful running back. There are muscle groups that only certain exercises can help to make a difference in and the dead lift is one of them. It’s actually a very important one. Key Takeaways: McCaffrey is giddy with the results, claiming he “absolutely” feels faster now than when… read more

It’s Not Them; It’s Us – Better Coaching With Young Athletes: Brett Klika

When coaching younger athletes, it isn’t out of the norm for there to be some complications surrounding communication disconnection. These disconnections directly impact how the coach can connect with the child, ultimately hindering or improving their level of skill retention during practices. Many coaches chalk these miscommunications as kids not listening, or a child being uncoordinated. In reality, it is up to the coach to take the time and find ways to effectively communicate with every child to bridge the gap of disconnection. Key Takeaways: Communication disconnect is often a limiting factor in how positive or negative our interactions are… read more

Speed Training – What They Never Told You!

In order to run more quickly there are certain muscle fibers that must be worked out in order to increase speed. Training those certain muscle fibers can be done with resistance training. The muscles that are used for speed are different than those that are used to build strength. Increasing your strength training, which is what a lot of athletes try to do, can actually slow you down because you are not training the right parts of your muscles. Key Takeaways: Isometric band training is the single most effective way to quickly increase speed of muscle contraction? Isometric training using… read more

Exercise Predictability, Isometrics, & Partial Reps with Jamie Smith, Part II

Coach Jamie Smith wants to help athletes through their process by combining methods to improve physical preparation and the ability to adapt to different physical skills. He believes that combining both predictable and unpredictable training approaches is the best way to tax the athletes appropriately and help them reach their goals. In addition, athletes should be taxed both physically and psychologically for the best effect. Read on to learn more about Coach Jamie Smith’s approach to training. Key Takeaways: Coach Jamie Smith believes that the best workouts combine predicable and unpredicatable situations for the athlete. He thinks that adding unpredictability… read more

Football Coaches and Slow 40 Times

If your team is unable to improve their 40 time, it might be you holding them back. The general wisdom is that you should push down hard on the ground if you want to improve your sprint time, but there is more that you can be doing. For example, exercising your hip flexors properly can make you sprint faster, and that can make all the difference in the game. Consider adding this hip flexor workout to your training regime. Key Takeaways: If your team is close to improving their 40 time, consider that you might be holding them back. Working… read more

How To Do The Turkish Get-Up

This exercise that is perfect for ball players that are on the field, gets a lot of weird looks because of how strange of an exercise it looks. But, if you are weak in any of the areas these movements focus on then it will for sure show up on the field. The movements are designed to strengthen your core as well as your hip and shoulder rotation, all of these things are important for your performance. Key Takeaways: Few exercises work as many attributes of athleticism at one time: shoulder mobility, hip mobility, torso rotation, core strength and muscular… read more

Is the Guru Always Right? – Brett Klika

Many people employ words of wisdom from strength and conditioning coaches into their own programs. This can work out well, but sometimes the context is different enough that the implementation is a bad idea. Here are some examples of general advice that might not work for your own setting. For example, using medicine balls is a time-honored tradition, but they can be dangerous for use with young children. Consider advice carefully before implementing it in your own programs. Key Takeaways: Sometimes implementing suggestions from big names in your field can lead to success, but not always. There are some ideal… read more

How To Become a Faster and Better Player in Days – Not Weeks or Months

There are two different types of fibers within your muscles, it can be hard to know how to train your muscles for speed rather than strength, and a lot of athletes become frustrated when they can’t figure out how to up their speed while they’re training, it’s often that the strength builds and not the speed. Use resistance bands gives your the right amount of resistance to train the muscles in the right way in order to improve your speed. Key Takeaways: Slow-twitch muscle fibers provide power and endurance, but speed comes from fast-twitch muscle fibers. You can hone your… read more

Jackie Bradley Jr. Robbed a Walk-Off HR in Mind-Blowing Fashion

Jackie Bradley seemingly channeled his inner spider man when he caught a ball that should have been one of the most epic hits, he instead decided to make sure that he had an epic catch instead. He also made it sound like it was no big deal, he simply just tracked the ball and then jumped in an effort to catch it. He was able to do so and robbed Trey Mancini of a great hit, although not completely intentional. Key Takeaways: The Orioles and Red Sox were tied in the 11th when Jackie Bradley Jr. robbed Trey Mancini of… read more

3 Tips to Keep Workouts Engaging For Young Athletes

If you are a young athlete and are getting bored of your workouts, you’ll have to be creative to keep them engaging and fun. First, switch up your routine. Try to change the number of reps and sets per exercise you do, and change the amount of weights you’re lifting. Next, do different types of exercises and work out different muscles daily. This will not only let your muscles heal properly, but it’ll make for a fresher routine. Finally, for cardio purposes do something fun like play tag or play dodgeball. Key Takeaways: To keep workouts engaging, you need to… read more

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