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How to Increase Muscle Speed in Days


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Speed Training Exercises Proven To Dramatically Improve Your Sports Performance In Days

No matter What Your Sport, Age, Fitness or Skill Level


Here’s Why This Proven System Works and
How You Can Make It Work For Yourself

By using the AthleticQuickness.com speed training exercises two things will happen:

1)  Your fast twitch muscle fibers will be conditioned for speed properly, perhaps for the first time, and
2)  Your muscles’ memory will be programmed to execute predetermined quick and powerful contractions.

This combination of properly conditioned fast twitch muscle fibers (these are the fibers in your muscles that are responsible for muscle speed) and programmed muscle memory is the secret weapon to getting as fast as possible in your specific sports skill.

How much faster?  Well, according to a research article published in Scientific American Magazine, fast twitch fibers can be up to 10 times faster than slow fibers.

Thousands of athletes and recreational players have dramatically improved their athletic performance in their favorite sports as a result of conditioning their muscles specifically for speed and acceleration.

Players of sports like football, baseball, basketball, soccer, track, lacrosse, tennis, golf, volleyball, and even martial artists have achieved amazing results in their sports skills in short periods of time – even if they were already excellent performers.

The secret to the AthleticQuickness.com programs’ success lies in their training strategy — isometric training with the resistance band.

Isometric training using the resistance band is a highly effective training method that forces your muscles and nerves to reform the neural networks and motor pathways and condition fast twitch muscle fibers (and yes, even slow twitch fibers!) to increase your muscle speed as quickly as possible.

That basically means that your muscles and your nerves start working together in a more efficient way, and the fast twitch muscle fibers are now conditioned for maximum speed and acceleration.

Because your muscles are composed of different fiber types, they are capable of both strength (the ability to move against heavy resistance) and speed (the ability to contract instantly).  You therefore cannot condition your muscles for strength with weight training or plyometrics training (a slow switch response) and expect them to develop blazing speed also (a fast twitch response).

If you train with elastic bands and an isometric training strategy, the way we teach it, then you have an unbeatable combination to increase the speed of contraction within your muscles and virtually leave your friends and competition in the dust.

This training strategy is important to understand, because isometric training by itself is of no value for speed when you use weights for resistance, and elastic bands are of no value for speed if you force your muscles to perform repetitions, as in a weightlifting strategy.

This is what many coaches, trainers, and athletes have never considered, and therefore it has not been taught to most athletes.

You’ve probably noticed that many athletes, perhaps even yourself, are disappointed in their speed gains.  They just can’t seem to get any faster no matter how hard they try.  It’s because they are actually training their muscles for strength and endurance and not for speed.  Even if you think you are training for speed, your muscles will always know the difference.

Elastic resistance bands with an isometric strategy is the secret and potent combination to both:

1)  Develop neural networks and motor pathways necessary for the fastest speed possible, and

2)  Condition fast twitch muscle fibers for blazing speed in the exact muscles and muscle groups used in an athletic skill.

Muscle speed is crucial in skills such as sprinting faster, jumping higher, throwing a baseball or football faster and farther, swinging a baseball bat, tennis racket or golf club with more speed, kicking a soccer ball harder or just about any other athletic skill.

In addition, because the resistance of an exercise band can be easily directed at any angle, the exact muscle groups can be conditioned in precisely the same way they are used in the athletic skill.

Adding blazing speed and quickness to your other sports training, will give you the complete conditioning package that others have been totally missing!

Training for speed and quickness, unlike strength training, will leave you feeling light and responsive, not tired and sluggish and should not be strenuous or take much time.

Even if you are currently in mid-season, you could start seeing results in your performance within days.  This is due partly because fast twitch muscle fibers respond to training faster than slow twitch muscle fibers.

Not only is pure speed training fast and easy, but the results come quickly as well!

Many are getting results in just a matter of days, not weeks or months!  This is unheard of with other types of training programs, but is a common occurrence with the exercises we will teach you.  Why?   Because these are pure speed programs, not a strength and endurance program disguised as a speed training program!

You could be the one who makes the difference in your next game or event!

Unlike strength or endurance training, speed training using resistance bands can be done just about anywhere and anytime and is safe and effective for practically all ages (beginner, youth, high school, college or professional) and any fitness level or skill level.

A complete sports training program requires a variety of drills and workouts, including strength training, cardio training, coordination, skill development, flexibility, proper technique as well as fast muscle contraction speed.

It doesn’t need to be complicated — just don’t confuse these types of training.

Athletes sometimes think they are training for speed when their muscles are actually training for strength, and that is why they are often disappointed in their speed gains.

Our enthusiasm comes from the countless testimonials we have received of people achieving stunning improvements in their speed.  They support the idea that this program delivers unmatched results when it comes to speed.

Until you have used isometrics with the resistance band, the way we will teach you, you have an incredibly huge reservoir of untapped muscular energy just waiting to be released inside your body!

By doing these exercises, you can’t help but run faster, jump higher and kick farther!  And the same methods will dramatically increase your performance in all your sports skills, such as:

  • Throwing faster
  • Hitting a baseball with more  power
  • Jumping higher
  • Faster tennis serves, harder tennis returns, approaching the net and getting to balls quickly
  • Driving a golf ball and getting greater distance in golf shots
  • Speed and quickness in all sorts of martial arts, boxing, and wrestling moves

Currently the following programs are available from AthleticQuickness.com that will develop speed and acceleration within specific muscle groups like never before.

Each of these programs has a set of exercises that will noticeably improve performance in a specific sport and skill. They can be done in just a few minutes each day and results from these exercise programs can be expected quickly.

Football, Track, and any other sport
Speed training exercises for fast running speed and quick side-to-side lateral movement in all athletic activities that involve running – including running a faster 40

This program is specifically designed for soccer speed and kicking and football kickers. It includes all the RUN FASTER exercises plus the KICK FARTHER exercises.

Basketball & Volleyball
Conditions muscles for vertical leaps and jumping higher in Basketball, Volleyball, Track and all other jumping activities.


Baseball & Softball
Will add distance and power to your hits by increasing of your baseball bat speed or softball swing speed. The program also includes exercises to throw and pitch faster.

Drive longer and add distance to your golf shots with faster club head speed.

For tennis speed, this program increases speed of serves and volleys as well as increasing court quickness. (Includes all of the exercises in the RUN FASTER program.)


Martial Arts
and Full Body Workout
Designed for Mixed Martial Arts. 28 exercises Isolate, quicken and strengthen muscles in your lower body, upper body and core. Perfect for anyMartial Arts program or anyone desiring a complete full body workout



Speed, acceleration and quickness are crucial to your athletic success and training for speed.

And the way we teach it:
• Is fast and easy – Not time consuming and strenuous.
• Does not require special equipment.
• Is safe and effective for all ages and fitness levels.
• Delivers noticeable results in speed starting in days.

These speed training exercises will:
• Give you the competitive advantage to outperform others who have completely ignored this type of training.
• Help advance your athletic career; and
• Give you greater enjoyment and more wins in your sports activities.

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