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The Plight of the Elite, Fast-Twitch Athlete


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When you spot the fastest person on a sprinting team, you are specifically looking at someone who is referred to as a fast-twitch athlete. Athletes that have the ability to perform at speedy levels may often be experiencing a phenomena that includes their body outperforming the limits of their actual muscles and nervous system. Other experts suggest that their ability to exceed normal limits is due to a neurological system that is highly advanced, giving them the ability to dismiss common discomforts experienced while performing.

Key Takeaways:

  • The author says that he has been in a fortunate position to be intimately involved in the rehabilitation of elite, fast-twitch athletes in four sports.
  • Not all professional team sport athletes are elite, fast-twitch athletes except for those who turn out to be the sprinter in the team or the fastest guy.
  • Some examples of elite, fast-twitch athletes are the center fielder in baseball, the striker in soccer, the wide receiver in football, and the best forward in hockey.

“These are the guys that make the big plays, score highlight film goals, and change the game just by being in it.”

Read more: https://athletesacceleration.com/the-plight-of-the-elite-fast-twitch-athlete/


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