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Creating a Program for the Multi-Sport Athlete


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Coaching an individual that is in multiple sports does not mean simply throwing them a program that works only for basketball players when the individual also plays football. One thing that coaches must be aware of is how each sport affects the individual’s body. The individual will need an entirely new program made just for them, which will need to be determined by figuring out which exercises does the individual prefer, which exercises help them excel in their training, what are some injuries or issues that the individual has had in the past and discussing goals with the athlete will also help to design a perfect program specifically fit for this athlete.

Key Takeaways:

  • An athlete should train where their strengths to make them better overall.
  • No matter how long someone has been an athlete, it is also important to know the age for training.
  • Make an assessment, you can’t carve out a routine without watching what their limits are.

“More often than not, the high school athlete has limited resistance training experience, speed and acceleration work or conditioning anywhere outside of their school sport coach.”

Read more: https://iyca.org/creating-a-program-for-the-multi-sport-athlete/


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