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Is the Guru Always Right? – Brett Klika

As coaches we teach different training methods but this doesn’t mean that we are always right. There are different environments where children are learning how to do certain things that my methods wouldn’t work in. There is crawling for example, many athletes might benefit from this practice, but it would only work in an environment where there was a smooth surface available. Medicine balls can be used universally. It is also a challenge with the parents involved, as they can cause unnecessary injury when they try to continue the training in their own time.

Key Takeaways:

  • It’s super easy to get excited by a new technique when it’s endorsed by a celebrity athlete or coach.
  • But, just because the method worked for that person, or his team, or peers, does not mean that it will work for your student athletes.
  • What is safe and easy for an adult may not be recommended for a teenager, or child, just to use one illustration.

“When we can be open to trying new things, but become reflective and honest enough to determine what works for us, it optimizes the performance and safety of our athletes.”

Read more: https://iyca.org/is-the-guru-always-right-brett-klika/


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