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Fast and strong muscles are not the same thing. When you build your strength using conventional weight lifting techniques, you are actually contracting your muscles. That, in turn, cannot make you faster, and in fact may make decrease your speed. Making muscles fast is a routine that is not understood by many athletes and trainers. The exercising routine for building muscles made for speed is a set of isometric repetitions using resistance bands. The result should be a significant improvement in sprinting, kicking motion, jump range or swinging a racket or a bat.

Key Takeaways:

  • Although strength-training is useful, because it will get you stronger muscles, these muscles will not be one iota faster. This is because strength-training targets slow twitch muscles.
  • Muscles, however, do have the capacity to be both stronger and faster, because they have both slow twitch fibers and fast twitch fibers.
  • Fast twitch fibers are the fibers that are specifically involved in acceleration and speed. It is necessary to condition these fast twitch fibers to enact a fast twitch response to become faster.

“The bottom line is you cannot condition your muscles for speed using the same techniques you use to train for strength.”

Read more: https://athleticquickness.com/fast-muscles/


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