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Why You Are Not Faster No Matter How Much You Workout

Many athletic people all the way from high school all the way up to the professional level tend to ignore some very important muscles that will help with your running speed. A lot athletes tend to think that working out the muscles all over your body will aid in improving your running speed. What really happens most of the time though, is that you overwork certain muscles and don’t work out your hip flexors enough, those muscles are responsible for your stride, the very thing that will improve your running speed. Key Takeaways: Data shows that athletic training, whether it… read more

Denzel Perryman Plans to Come Back Lean, Mean and Better Than Ever After His Brutal Season-Ending Injury

Perryman was at a weak moment when two large football players crashed together and caused a great deal of pain to his knee. He tried to play it off like it was no big deal but he was hurting. An MRI later revealed that he had torn his LCL and ripped his hamstring completely off. He figured his career was over and he had just signed a contract with the chargers. It wasn’t long after that, that the chargers extended his contract leaving him quite emotional. He is determined to get back in there though and is going above and… read more

The Weight Training ‘Rule’ That’s Actually Making You Weaker

Experienced weight lifters should spend more time lifting weights that vary in size. You can still partake in a training regimen that is high in intensity, as long as you lift weights at 85% your 1RM or more. You should ideally aim for 1-6 repetitions per set, since this will end up maximizing your strength. More volume is usually attained when trainers introduce this variable approach instead of sticking to the same weight each session. Key Takeaways: The heaviest weight of the set should be saved for last rep. using varied weights to work up to the final heaviest helps… read more

Training For Speed and Power with Limited Space and/or Equipment

People usually think that space and equipment are needed to train for speed and power, but sometimes space and equipment will be limited. With speed training, the ability to change directions and have agility is important, and this can be done with limited space. First 5-10-5 training is a great agility drill. The individual goes 5 yards, sprints 10 yards in the opposite direction and then sprints 5 more yards back in the opposite direction. This is a great agility drill that can be done with limited space. The name of this drill is called pro agility, and it can… read more

Become a Faster Athlete and Better Player in Days

Due to increased competition, it is critical to be quicker and faster than the competition. AQSpeed programs are critical for any athlete who wants to increase their speed. Athletes tend to ignore half of the muscles that make them faster. Traditional programs are also not always developing muscles for speed. The AQSpeed program is difference because it will improve these ignored muscles, optimize them for maximum speed, engage the fast twitch muscles and interact with the nervous system in a new way. Key Takeaways: There is more competition than ever, and athletes need to improve more to succeed. AQSpeed is… read more

Athletic coaches and trainers
Dr. VanSuch Seminar on 5 Torques for Speed Attracts World Class Coaches and Trainers

Top Jamaican Olympic Coaches & Therapists Attend AthleticQuickness.com Speed Training Seminar!!! As you all know, Dr. Larry VanSuch is a leading expert in training athletes to increase speed and outperform in their sport, and he has been working in conjunction with Anthony “Star” Geoghegan of the Realta Clinic to teach his revolutionary methods to top international track stars. In 2015, Dr. VanSuch was invited to Ireland to participate in Star Geoghegan’s Realta Clinic Sports Seminar. During this clinic, he had the amazing opportunity to meet with and train several Olympic & World Champion athletes such as, Brenda Martinez, Curtis Mitchell,… read more

Why Christian McCaffrey Is Training Like a Track Athlete This Offseason

Christian McCaffrey plays for the Carolina Panthers and is one of the fastest running backs in the NFL. This year, he hopes to be even faster. He is training with his former high school track coach. McCaffrey states that running is his job, and working with his track coach is making him faster and stronger. He now focuses on shorter training sessions and more rest between gym activities. This allows him to increase his muscle mass specific force, meaning he gets optimal use of his muscles while remaining at is best weight. He is also super diligent with his sleep… read more

Why Michael Thomas Has Been ‘Training Like a Sprinter’ This Offseason

Michael Thomas is a superstar in the NFL, being one of the best current players in the game. While he already achieves a good performance, he’s striving to become even better at the game. He undergoes a largely secret workout regimen that is tailored to improve his weak spots. One of his flaws as a player is a need to become faster, so track workouts are a major part of his regimen. Also key to his workout routine is the athlete-oriented shoe brand Jordan React Havoc, which is expected to be released to the public in August. Key Takeaways: Michael… read more

The Forgotten Muscle That’s Key to Being a Better Athlete

As an athlete, you most likely spend your practice time focusing on body parts that are essential to having a great game, but is there one you might be forgetting? In a new blog post sponsored by Stack, they advise that working out your glute Medius is often overlooked in training programs, provides reasoning as to why it might be important and highlights several different workouts via videos and written instructions to maximize your gym time. Key Takeaways: Gluteal development is pursued by those that wish to enhance their athletic performance as well as by those that merely wish to… read more

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