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Stop Falling For The Testosterone Trap, Young Athletes!


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This is off topic but every young athlete needs to hear this. An athlete asked me what the impacts of higher testosterone are and if he should take testosterone supplements. Having higher testosterone will benefit your performance through increased competitiveness, muscle mass and strength however testosterone supplements have very minor or no impacts on your testosterone. So how does an athlete increase their testosterone to become more competitive? Then just do this regularly: good sleep, healthy diet, daily sunlight, strength training, sexual relations and less alcohol. So athletes please don’t fall for the Trap of testosterone supplements. Fix these areas of your life to help you win in sports first.

🛑Stop Falling For The Trap, Young Athletes… ❌

As a young man or woman, you have endless testosterone in your system…

If you feel or know it’s lower than it should be 📉. It’s most definitely due to a lack of one of these factors:

✅Good Sleep
✅Healthy Diet
✅Strength Training
✅Sexual Relations

⭐And you do not need a pill with random products in that are shown to increase testosterone in tests funded by the companies who sell them !! ⭐

There is no magic pill !! Only hard work and patience… 😤

📲Share this to help more young athletes stay out of the trap of testosterone supplements. Thanks! 🤝

⚠️ And do your own research before buying a supplement.


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