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If You’re a Sprinter Who’s Not Doing This Exercise, You’re Leaving Speed Gains on The Table !!

What’s the best weight lifting movement for sprinters? Let’s find out. The best weightlifting movement to build speed for sports like sprinting is the clean. It promotes explosive power in the hips and knees which is transferable to sprinting.

The clean engages your whole body like sprinting as you use your arms to propel you forward. As the clean is a full body movement it requires good coordination and timing to perform much like a Sprint start. Finally the clean builds a lower body muscle which enhances swing mechanisms.

⚠️ If You’re a Sprinter Who’s Not Doing This Exercise, You’re Leaving Speed Gains on The Table !! 😱

So start doing it twice weekly for 4 sets of 8-12 reps.

Why 8-12 reps? To make the movement challenging but not slow. As sprinters, we want fast, explosive training for our fast-twitch muscle fibres.

Too heavy causes slow movement, but too light won’t activate our fast twitch fibres as much.

We want moderate to heavy weight + explosive movements = speed gains.

So will you start doing cleans for speed? Give this post a like if so!

P.S. Never lift outside your capabilities and master the form for cleans before adding weight. Thanks!


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