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How To Break Your Track Pb In 14 Days…Use This FREE Speed Challenge!!


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If you want to set a new PB on the track then this free speed challenge is for you. This free challenge consists of just 9 minutes of total training time spread across 2 weeks. Yes 9 minutes over two weeks for a new PB on the track. How? By giving you a small insight into my isometric with resistance bands speed strategy hundreds of athletes have tested this exact Challenge and the results are incredible! Want to get started? Check out my YouTube and you’ll find the video see you in there athletes.

💥How To Break Your Track Pb In 14 Days…Use This FREE Speed Challenge !! 🏆

✅9 minutes across two weeks
✅No gym-only bands needed
✅BIG and Fast speed gains!

Start your speed training this fall by smashing your current PB on the track. This speed challenge has been tried and tested, giving athletes new PBs again and again for FREE.

Just hear what Jake from Miami had to say:

“I was looking all over the internet, asking my coaches and teammates how to get faster but i had no luck. I ran in the sand, did plyometrics, used parachutes AND sleds, none of them compared to the one thigh flexor exercise. I got extremely faster with just the one, so now im dying to try the other…every athlete should be a part of this program!!!”
Want to share Jake’s results and excitement?? Head over to my YouTube and begin the 9-minute speed challenge TODAY!
It’s completely free…

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