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Training For Speed and Power with Limited Space and/or Equipment

People usually think that space and equipment are needed to train for speed and power, but sometimes space and equipment will be limited. With speed training, the ability to change directions and have agility is important, and this can be done with limited space. First 5-10-5 training is a great agility drill. The individual goes 5 yards, sprints 10 yards in the opposite direction and then sprints 5 more yards back in the opposite direction. This is a great agility drill that can be done with limited space. The name of this drill is called pro agility, and it can be great for competitions as well. Another great drill are wall sprints. The only thing necessary is a wall. An athlete can stand at a 45-60-degree angle to the wall and focus on their sprinting technique. For power, med ball throws are a great way to increase power and replicate the movements from Olympic lifts. Another great lift are DB Hang Power Cleans are Jerks. These can be down with simple dumbbells and not large weights if you are limited with equipment and space.

Key Takeaways:

  • Wall sprint drills are great because you don’t need a partner, just a wall and they help teach athletes how their foot should be striking the ground when running.
  • Squat jumps can help increase bilateral power and also improve overall balance and strength.
  • Medicine ball throws are a great power exercise but they do tend to need a bit more space.

“With speed, a component that needs to be trained is the ability to change direction to meet the demands for court and field sports.”

Read more: https://athletesacceleration.com/training-speed-power-limited-space-equipment/


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