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Dr. VanSuch Seminar on 5 Torques for Speed Attracts World Class Coaches and Trainers


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Top Jamaican Olympic Coaches & Therapists Attend AthleticQuickness.com Speed Training Seminar!!!

As you all know, Dr. Larry VanSuch is a leading expert in training athletes to increase speed and outperform in their sport, and he has been working in conjunction with Anthony “Star” Geoghegan of the Realta Clinic to teach his revolutionary methods to top international track stars.

In 2015, Dr. VanSuch was invited to Ireland to participate in Star Geoghegan’s Realta Clinic Sports Seminar. During this clinic, he had the amazing opportunity to meet with and train several Olympic & World Champion athletes such as, Brenda Martinez, Curtis Mitchell, Mark English, & Novolene Williams-Mills!

This past August, 2016, Dr. VanSuch had a very exciting opportunity to return to Carlow, Ireland to teach a seminar on his latest material, “5 Torques For Faster Speed”.

He was honored to present the AthleticQuickness.com speed training methods to many world famous Olympic athletes, trainers, coaches, and therapists from Ireland, Jamaica, Belgium, and other parts of Europe.

Those in attendance included:



Everald Edwards – Personal Trainer to Usain Bolt – Gold Medal Olympic Champion

Gavin James – Therapist/Teacher/Trainer to the Jamaican Olympic Sprint Team and personal trainer to Christina Day (400m Sprint), Jaheel Hyde (2014 World Junior 400m Hurdles Champion), & Kaliese Spencer (400m Hurdles)


Michael Van Der Plaetsen – Coach of 2016 European Decathlon Champion Thomas Van Der Plaetsen (Belgium).



David Oliver – 2008 Olympic Bronze Medal winner in 110m hurdles.


Obviously, the AQSpeed training programs developed by Dr. VanSuch are gaining attention world-wide because they are simple, yet effective!




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