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Do resisted sled pushes make you faster? Of course they do. A study split athletes into three groups. All of the groups perform resistant sled pushes twice a week for eight weeks. The difference between the groups was the weight of the resistance.

All groups saw improvements in their 20 meter sprint times but the athletes who used heavier resistance saw the most speed gains. And that’s not the only result the study showed. The athletes found that resisted sled pushes significantly improved their Sprint starts!

They were more explosive in the first 15 meters of their Sprint. This result is due to the similarity in posture between a sled push and a Sprint start.

But how many sets, meters, and how much weight do I hear you ask? 🤔

If so, great question! I’ll cover all this information for resisted sled pushes tomorrow 🗓️

So come back and check in! And if you’re looking to get faster in record time…⏱️

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