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The #1 Mistake I See Sprint Coaches Making!


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Attention all Sprint coaches! This is costing your athletes medals! A coach questioned the significance of hip flexion in sprinting, confused by their importance in setting PBS or winning gold.

So many coaches focus on training the pushing off the ground when sprinting, not the swing or pull motions of the leg.

A stronger push off the ground is crucial for Speed but not the sole Factor as a faster turnover is vital to track success.

Our hip flexor training aided a national Sprinting champion and NCAA top 5 finisher. So, coaches ensure your athlete’s success and include hip flexor work in your training.

The #1 Mistake I See Sprint Coaches Making!


Training the quadriceps, hamstrings, glutes, and claves are still important to achieving your sprinters’ success, but not all of it!

If you’ve never:

❌Used Isometrics for speed training

❌Thought about training your athletes’ hip flexors

❌Used resistance bands for speed training

❌Can’t seem to break through your sprinters’ plateaus as often

Isometrics with resistance bands will change the game for you athletes and your coaching…😉

… All without heavy weightlifting or stressful plyometrics causing injury to your sprinters’.

So if want to know more about this superpower sprint coaches are using to make their athletes faster in record time…

Check out our YouTube for videos on Isometric speed training for the hip flexors.

Hurry, before your athlete’s competitors’ coach finds this!


Send it to your coach to let them know !! 📲
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