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If Glenn Can Do It, Why Can’t You?


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A 67 year old Sprinter used isometrics to set new PB’s, yes at 67 years old. I get athletes all the time saying I’m too experienced in my training to see fast speed gains or my muscles are too developed to see Speed games that fast.

But that’s completely wrong. Master sprinter Glenn Betts ran a 15 second 100 meter at 67 and if that wasn’t impressive enough he then used isometrics with resistance bands to cut a full second off his 100 meters only two months later! A full second within two months at 67! Wow what was that about not being able to see speed gains fast again?

💥If Glenn Can Do It, Why Can’t You?? 💪

❌You’re not too experienced…
❌You’re not too old or too young…
❌You haven’t fully developed all your speed muscles…

Isometrics with resistance bands is speed training but in another direction… 🤔


So even if you are 67 years old and still on the track, there’s always room for more speed gains QUICK.

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See you there, sprinters!


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